Recognize the daily miracles of life

We have just celebrated Hanukkah. As you know, Hanukkah lasts 8 days in remembrance of the small jar of oil found bearing the seal of the Cohen Gadol – the high priest – to light the Menora. This small vial was really only sufficient for lighting the Menora for a single day. But by G-d’s miracle, it continued to burn for eight days, until new oil was made. This miracle proved that G-d had once again taken His people under His protection. It is in remembrance of these events that our Sages have designated these eight days so that each year we make the commemoration and we light the lights of Chanukah.


But a question arises: why have the Sages fixed this festival to 8 days when the miracle was actually 7 days, since for the first day, the vial of oil was enough and it is only the next 7 days that the vial continued to illuminate miraculously?


Many answers exist, but one of them gives us a particular insight into our relationship with what we usually call ”nature”, ”the norm”.


The sages have set the Chanukah festival to 8 days, because also the first day teaches us that nothing should be taken for granted and that which is called ”nature” is in itself a perpetual miracle.


Do not fall into the routine of minimizing the miracles of life and considering them as natural!

Every second of our existence is a miracle offered to us by our creator – know how to make this life the best for us and those around us!