7 ways to quiet your mind so you can hear your soul

Are you like me? Looking for answers, for direction, for what will give you meaning, success and happiness in your life? Do you turn to a trusted mentor, follow a podcast, read self-help books or articles online, always searching outside yourself. But what if you already knew what to do? What if the answers were inside you all along?

Harnessing your soul power

The soul within us is all-knowing. Judaism teaches that it is literally a “piece” of God, the loving, intelligent, creative force creating and directing the universe at every moment. We need to nurture our connection to the soul and let it guide us and energize us. The tricky part is tuning into its frequency to hear what it has to say. Because a lot gets in the way – life, the noise within our minds, the ego pulling us away from our essence. 

The good news is that with a little practice, you can start to listen, and to notice what that still small voice within sounds like so that you  can harness its enormous power.

#1 Switch off autopilot mode 

Listening to the soul starts with awareness, with consciousness, with knowing what you are doing while you are doing it. You can kick start this process with a regular meditation practice. It all begins with sitting in a quiet space, with your eyes closed and gently bringing our attention to your breathing. You will start to hear the stream of thoughts that is always active in your mind. If there are any disruptions, treat it as just like another way to gently bring your attention back to feeling your feet on the ground, your back against the chair. Want help in achieving this? Check out 7-day Happiness mini series using meditation and mindfulness techniques to achieve deeper happiness.

#2 Stop judging everything

The foundation of meditation is to observe what comes up without judgement. Whatever thought, feeling or image arises, see it without assigning a label or a value judgement. Allow yourself to ‘be’. People are terrified of feelings, but they’re just e-motion…energy in motion –  think of it as energy moving through you that needs to get out. Often we’re like, “Oh, no, no, I can’t feel that, it’s bad and somehow means this, somehow means that. I’m going to be a wreck and I’m so weak” and whatever other judgment. The more you bring a gentle awareness to all of you without any judgment, the more you allow a safe space of presence. Judgments are so constricting. Practice just being. Accepting that whoever you are for this moment is fine, that whatever’s going on, it does not matter, it’s totally okay. This in itself is completely transformative and completely healing. 

#3 Cultivate patience 

Whatever is happening, look at it with patience. Whatever happens, happens, whatever is… simply is. There’s no rush to get anywhere or experience anything. This approach is radical. 

#4 Embrace curiosity

Reclaim the essence of childhood – the ‘Beginner’s Mind’. Think of any adorable little kid that you’re close to and imagine their face when you’re showing them something. That’s the approach you take to yourself. So rather than, “Oh my gosh, I’ve done this before, this is so boring, I didn’t get anything out of it.” Take the approach of Beginner’s Mind. Say to yourself “I have no idea what’s about to happen, I’m just curious. Oh, wow, isn’t that interesting?” If you’re like me, you’re not used to treating yourself that way!

#5 Stop striving

Start accepting. Accept whatever is happening, no right and wrong. Sometimes you’ll have a mind-blowing meditation and sometimes it will be totally distracting and so annoying. But it’s not annoying, because you’re patient, right? That’s the goal.

#6 Let go

Be in the moment. Try to not worry about everything and stop holding on to things. “What am I doing next? I’ve got so much going on tomorrow. Did I mess up today? Did I say that? I shouldn’t have said that to that person.” All that type of holding onto your day… just let it go, for now. You can pick it all up afterwards. You can  carry it all out with you afterwards – but for now, try putting it down on the floor next to you. 

#7 Trust yourself

This is huge. Most people say, “I don’t know why I was feeling that way, I don’t know what it was about, let me analyze it.” This part is about accessing your own deeper wisdom and trusting that whatever came up, came up, and that’s fine. You don’t have to second guess. Many people don’t trust themselves, and they give their power away to the wrong people. But even if it’s the right people, no one else can know you better than you.

Listen for the miracles

Real miracles, internal shifts and changes happen if you just bring a gentle presence to whatever is. But it’s so hard just to do this when life conditions us not to be like that. When you open up a space of acceptance in your conscious minds, you can start to create a welcoming space for the subconscious mind – and when this happens, you air out the unconscious beliefs and forces that are holding you back, you create a safe space that is healing and nurturing, and you  start to discern the wisdom from the noise. 

About the author

Jackie Glaser is a psychologist and soul coach. Jackie had a private practice as a psychologist in Sydney Australia and worked as the resident “Psych” on the Today Show. She also consulted for the police, media personalities and non-profits. With over 20 years of experience, one of the most powerful things she can teach people is how to connect with themselves, find inner peace, acceptance and spirituality. Jackie is the creator of Olami Connect – a 7-day mini-series using ancient Jewish wisdom and philosophy to help people find their source of happiness from within. Find out more about it here.