Undo the overwhelm of life with 1:1 mentorship

It’s not always easy to make decisions and achieve your goals. Get the support of a trusted and experienced mentor to help you navigate the complexities of life.


Through our unique mentor matching process, you will be able to:

An experienced life mentor can help you get more from life, working through pain points and questions, sharing their personal experience and Jewish wisdom, so that the road is a little less daunting.

'Oh the places you will go' (Thanks Dr. Seuss).

Our simple 3-step process over the course of 10 weeks enables your time with your mentor to be practical, meaningful and fun.

In the sessions you will cover:

  • Me today: Exploring your identity. Who you are today.
  • Me in the future: Goal setting. Who you want to be. Where do you want to go in life?
  • Guiding my path: What are the values that guide your choices.
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We've done the hard work for you (or some of it at least).

Finding the people that you admire, who are accomplished in the areas of life that you value – be they personal or professional – and most importantly convincing them to spend their time helping you… well it can be grueling!

But we do the hard work for you. We identify the right mentor for you based on a wide number of criteria and considerations. We make the approach, facilitate the introductions, and help to guide the sessions to make them super productive.

Here's how sign-up works

  1. Submit your online application with the $100 membership fee.
  2. Have an interview with a member of our team.
  3. Get accepted into the program.
  4. Find out who your mentor is.
  5. Mentor sessions begin Jan 8, 2023.
  6. Make the most of your ten sessions and attend local meetups.
  7. Attend the Spain Summit – May 15-21.

Feel you’ve read every blog post and followed every influencer, but you’re no closer to clarity?

You need a mentor! Someone who knows you. Who will give advice tailored, that’s right, to you! Someone who is walking the walk, not just talking the talk on LinkedIn. 

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Some of our perfect mentorship matches

Chanan Averbuch
EVP of The Americas, Primeview

Mentor Matches Are Evaluated Based On:


of mentees continued with their mentor after the initial 10 sessions


sessions held to date


matches made so far

Forget mentorship programs you may have experienced or heard about in the past. We are not them. We are so much more!

We don't care about your career.

We care about your life.

We won’t match you with someone simply because you have the same profession - because life is about so much more than a career! Our life mentors can work with you to set goals and enrich all of the things that make up a happy, fulfilling life. And more...

We are not what you're looking for.

We are who you're looking for.

The quality of your relationships determine the quality of your life. We focus on matching people who have common interests, similar careers and live locally, to help you connect with outstanding people that will help you get more out of life.

We are not local to you.

We are local to everyone.

We focus on finding local mentors for each and every mentee, wherever you are. Because while zoom is good, being able to meet in person takes your relationship to another level.

We don't go everywhere.

But we grow wherever we go.

As a community, together we have visited Spain, New York and Sao Paulo.Because what’s better than to get away for a while, as a community, to focus on our growth in a distant land?

We are not a mentorship program.

We are a mentorship community.

We are a 3,000 strong community in 34 chapters around the world. Our international online platform enables you to connect with people from around the world to benefit from their insights and wisdom and build yourself a truly global network.

Get The Details of Our Mentorship Program


Even the most successful people have mentors who contribute to their growth. The goal of Olami mentorship community is to connect you with someone who has walked the path before you and can offer guidance and support as you navigate your own growth journey.
Right now the opportunity is only available to people nominated by an existing member of our Olami Mentorship community, or an Olami branch. We hope to expand in the future. If you would like to join an Olami branch, find out about future opportunities for mentorship and beyond, click here.

We have curated content for your initial 10 weekly sessions to help you and your mentor really get to know each other. It’s deep, it’s meaningful, it’s thought provoking and insightful. We’re offering you an opportunity to focus on your personal identity, set goals for the future, and consider the values that guide your choices along your journey.

You can meet in person or online – whatever works for you – for 30 minutes once a week. Our mentorship program includes an initial 10 weeks of sessions  complemented by local mentorship events. We hope the weekly sessions and events will set the foundation for a more long-term, meaningful relationship with your mentor.

Our mentors are professionals from across multiple industries with real life experience that will offer an incredible opportunity for meaningful conversation, authentic connection and personal growth.

Your responses to our form will help us identify a well-suited match. Our Mentorship team carefully reviews all applications and will match you based on the alignment of many categories. Matching generally takes 6-8 weeks as we attempt to find high quality matches designed for you. Applicants will be notified of their match in August.

You will be matched with your mentor by the end of August so that you can begin your journey together in September with a series of personal mentorship sessions. Local events will be held between September – December. Matches will be in August for those that register by the end of May. 

More details will be given closer to the time.

We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions to allow you to really get to know each other and be able to start focusing on areas of growth that you identify. After 4 sessions, we check in with you both to see how it’s going, and after the initial 10 sessions, it’s up to you and your mentor to discuss a plan moving forward.

Our upcoming cohort is nomination based. If you were nominated, then here’s what happens next:

    1. Submit your online application with the $100 membership fee.
    2. Have an interview with a member of our team.
    3. Get accepted into the program.
    4. Find out who your mentor is.
    5. Mentor sessions begin in September, 2023.
    6. Make the most of your sessions and attend local meetups.
    7. Attend the Chapter trips to New York or Sao Paulo in December or January.
The cost for the initial 10-week program, including access to your own carefully matched personal mentor and exclusive invitations to local mentorship events, is just $100.
Mentors are evaluated based on industry, upbringing, Jewish affiliation, hobbies and interests, location, Lifestage, personality, and shared life experiences.

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