Creating your dreamworld

5 lessons from my Disney Adventure

By Chandrea Serebro, based on Hollywood Filmmaker Saul Blinkoff’s session at Olami Pro Series

Living and working in Disneyworld, known as ‘The happiest place on earth’ (no prize for guessing why), Hollywood Filmmaker and Dreamworks animator Saul Blinkhoff has learned a few life lessons about creating the world that we want. While Disney might be among the best storytellers in the world, each of us has the power within ourselves to turn our lives into a magical dream place where we can become the prince or princess. Here are his five top tips on how.

#1 Imagine it, then create it

If we could make a list of all the things that we could ever want out of life, what would it say? Money? Success? Power? Sometimes the modern view of life seems to offer it all, but in the end, like Aladdin learned the hard way, ‘poof!’, it all goes up in a perfectly animated puff of smoke. Find out what you want out of your life, and just make sure it is worth being on that list of perfection. Then go out there and make it happen.

#2 Wisdom comes from experience

When we are young, we all think we know everything. That’s what makes us forge ahead in life as we start making our own way in the world. This youthful confidence in ourselves and our abilities is also the same thing that prepares us for the moment when we realize … hold on, maybe we don’t really know it all. Look to real people, mentors and teachers to show you the way. Think Fairy Godmother to Cinderella, think Aladdin’s Genie, think Mowgli’s Bagheera. Now think about who does it for you in your life.

#3 Broaden your dream beyond yourself

Don’t go for happiness. Go for a meaningful life. The Hakuna Matata world with no responsibilities is a childish view of what we actually want out of life. Greatness comes from taking responsibility, as Mufasa reminds Simba. Wherever in our lives we are able to respond, then it is our obligation to do so to impact the world positively.

#4 Surround yourself with good people 

Who we choose to be friends with affects who we become. Take a look at your friends and the circle of people that you surround yourself with. Look at the ones that lift you up and make you a better you when you are with them. Stick with them, and head towards greatness together. Just ask Elsa how much better her life is with Kristoff. You don’t need or want the ones that bring you down in your life. 

#5 Go to the best kind of places to find yourself 

If you find yourself in that twilight zone space that often arises between projects, after having done what you love but before your next big thing begins, don’t get caught up with the meaningless gap fillers we use to fill our time. Even if practising your roar will stand you in good stead eventually. At every moment, ask yourself how you can better use your time to make yourself grow. Where do you need to be to best offer your unique gifts to the world? How can this moment be made meaningful? Put down that endless cup of tea, and get back out there. Make your world the world you want it to be. Every. Single. Moment.