It’s time to look out, not in

The Coronavirus outbreak may seem like a time of closing in on oneself but here are 5 ideas on how to do the exact opposite and make this period a time to look outwards, even though you may be locked in.

How can you help others without putting yourself at risk?


  1. Call an elderly relative or neighbor

A simple phone call could really help– especially those living alone or those in quarantine. Many of our elderly are not living online. Netflix and Facebook is not in their vocabulary. So life is very lonely for them right now. Pick up the phone and give them some company this way. Think of three positive things to say to them, to lift them out of their heavy mindset, give them the space to express any concern or physical difficulty they may be experiencing. You could literally save a life.


  1. Help the elderly

You may not be able to leave the house to do grocery shopping, but you can help them stay safe by helping them do online shopping so they can stay home.


  1. Volunteer online

We all have something to offer others. Being at home shouldn’t stop us. Now you have the opportunity to offer free webinars on the topic of your choice, online tutoring to kids who are out of school, interactive classes such as art or any other kind of entertainment that people could benefit from.


  1. Send a care package

Know of someone who has tested positive? Why not send them things that can help them; perhaps a book that you think they’d like? A puzzle? Or perhaps you can make their care package totally digital – Make them a ’10 things to watch’ list of great podcasts, series, online learning opportunities that you think they would like.


  1. Keep “mazal tov”s going

Some of your friends might have had to postpone their wedding plans because of the virus outbreak. Or maybe it is your best friend’s little brother’s bar mitzvah that has been cancelled. If so, send them a mazal tov card or small gift because it is important to acknowledge their celebration, especially in difficult times.