Illuminate your soul

The Torah is not a book like all other books, nor a science more like the rest of the sciences.

It is a text that contains tremendous light and spiritual energy.


Think of a grill. At first glance it seems muted and extinguished, all black. But when it starts to fan and blow, a flame full of colors comes on and comes out. The flame, the light and all those colors were always there, hidden in the grill, only a little wind was missing to activate and reveal its full potential.


Exactly the same applies to the Torah: at first glance it seems to be a text so simple that even a five year-old can understand it.


But when one begins to study, deepen, reflect, analyze and investigate, each of his letters catches fire and begins to illuminate the soul of those who study it. And that way, he reveals all that light and colors that were hidden there, waiting for someone to come to wake her up and turn her on to reveal all her secrets.



BY RABBI AXEL WAHNISH, ACILBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina