Make every moment matter

The Torah writes with regard to Abraham near the end of his life “Abraham was old, he came with his days” What does “he came with his days” teach us?


The Rabbis explain that Abraham utilized every single day of his life. Every single day he grew and accomplished and never wasted a day of his life. Abraham as the first Jew, is teaching all of his descendants a choice and fundamental lesson, he is setting the example of what a Jew’s purpose is in life.


A Jew always has to ask himself what did I accomplish today? And what direction am I going? Am I using my life and enormous potential to the fullest? Am I living my life for growth, meaning and spirituality, for helping others and being the best I can be?


If a person thinks along these lines, he will inevitably become a better person, on the way to becoming the best person he can be. By doing something meaningful every day, the cumulative effect will bear rich fruits for him and for all of humanity.



Rabbi Chesler, Aish Penn State