Our mentees are loving their mentorship experience but don't take our word for it...

We asked our mentees for feedback. See what they responded.
"Just completed another mentorship meeting. This session we spoke about goal setting. We both decided to achieve the goal of being mindful and present in this very fast moving world we live in. We both decided the best way to accomplish this is by journaling once a week about the week we've had. Hopefully we enjoy this process and achieve the goal!"
Olami Mentee Zisi Stein from Olami Herzliya
"What I appreciate most about my mentor is their persistance in learning about what drives my goals and ambitions. Through that process of discovery, Archie carefully layers in relevant lessons from Judaism. I am learning about how Jewish values can enhance my future, and how I can find balance between my career ambition and building a Jewish life."
Olami Mentee Michael Mont from Project 613