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The reports all say the same things. It doesn’t matter which ones you read. The youth of today are struggling. They are struggling to find their meaning and purpose in life. They are looking to ground their values. It’s why, when they are looking for jobs, they demand that the companies they work for also give back in some way. They want to do what matters in the world. They are seeking meaning and purpose. 

Olami is the driving force behind 300 organizations in over 25 countries around the world, all working tirelessly to inspire Jewish greatness. 

Every year we touch 50,000 students, starting a life-changing journey. 

Every year, we engage 25,000 in continuous Jewish education, exploring Jewish history, values through innovative and relevant programming and creating powerful networks. Olami’s mentor model, student leadership and niche programming enable us to provide much needed interpersonal relationships and build real community. With your help, we can do so much more! Inspire 10k is an ambitious fundraising campaign to inspire 10,000 more people! Our goal of $3 million will power Olami’s expansion to a myriad of students in North America, Latin America, Israel & France. 

Your donation will fund trips and immersive experiences, a global business network, a media lab, online courses, enhanced staff training,  student leader activation, partnerships with community mentors, conferences, summits and more!

Review Sponsorships opportunities and DONATE Below

  • Trip scholarship

    Sponsor a student’s transformative educational trip designed to catalyze lifelong connections and life-changing learning.

  • Shabbat Dinner Sponsoship

    Sponsor a dinner designed to introduce 25+ students to the sanctity and serenity of Shabbat and to a like-minded community.

  • Israel Experience Scholarship

    Sponsor a student’s trip to Israel with its compelling sights, tastes and its ancient and modern relevance to Jewish life.

  • Trip Scholarships

    Sponsor 5 students to travel for an immersive Jewish experience at a conference/symposium in their region.

  • Reach 180

    Sponsor a digital outreach campaign that will recruit 180 new students into an Olami program, kickstarting their Jewish Heritage journey.

  • Course Production

    Sponsor the production of a new e-learning course that will deliver Jewish Wisdom and practical guidance to Olami students in a compelling and impactful way.

  • Course Development

    Sponsor the production of a new course within our on-line Seriously Souled women’s program, made up of compelling and impactful classes, personal relationship mentorship and a community of over 1000 women.

  • Group Trip Sponsorship

    A themed group trip to Israel designed to create connection to Israel and our Jewish Roots while building leadership and growth in a specific area. (Health, Business, Self-growth)

  • Campus Couple Sponsorship

    Sponsor a dynamic Jewish couple to run programming on a college campus, including classes, Shabbat invitations, personal mentorship and connection to vibrant communities of students.

  • Media Series

    Sponsor an entire Media Series, featuring Hollywood-grade production and cutting-edge content to engage viewers.

  • National Business Network

    Sponsor the creation of a new National Business Network offering mentors, coaches, executives and leaders, networking and career development opportunities to young professionals and graduates.

  • Conference Sponsorship

    Sponsor a conference offering 500 students an immersive experience with a huge variety of classes and discussions designed to engage mind, body and soul.

  • Online Women’s or Men’s Learning Program

    Sponsor an online men’s ‘Yeshiva’ or women’s ‘Seminary’ program with a packed schedule of cutting-edge courses and world-class mentors and teachers designed to inspire lifelong Jewish engagement.

  • Summit

    Sponsor a Learning Summit offering 1000 people an immersive experience with a huge variety of classes and discussions designed to engage mind, body and soul.


It’s time to invest in our future

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It’s time to invest in our future

Donation Total: $50,000.00

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Checks – Make check payable to: Morasha Olami, Inc
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Olami is a 501c3 registered non profit charitable organization.

All donations are tax deductible in the United States.