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If you’re charismatic, a passionate communicator and have a deep desire to develop yourself as a leader, this is your golden opportunity. Want to travel the continent and influence a global organization while receiving leadership training from the best in the field? Olami is looking for 15 regional ambassadors from around the world. Do you want to be one of them?

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Meet our Olami Regional Ambassadors. Their role is to travel the world to Inspire Jewish Greatness.

Amanda Poll


Amanda Poll has the privilege of being a first-grade teacher at Urban Prairie Waldorf School in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in New Albany, Ohio, and studied Early Childhood Education at The Ohio State University. While at Ohio State, Amanda competed on the varsity women's rowing team that won the NCAA National Championship in 2013. She studied with Rabbi Daniel Olgin, the Olami representative for Ohio State. Upon graduating with her Bachelor's, Amanda moved to England to earn her Master's degree at Oxford University in Child Development & Education. There, she studied with Rabbi Michael Rosenfeld-Schueler. Following her graduation, she relocated to Chicago to be a teacher at Chicago Jewish Day School. After a year of teaching, Amanda returned to school to get her Master's and teaching license at Northwestern University. She has now taken a position at Urban Prairie. When she's not in the classroom, Amanda studies with Rabbi Shalom Garfinkel of Project 613, and leads social programs for the Jewish United Fund. She is thrilled to serve as the North American ambassador for Olami!

Alan Borodovsky


Alan Borodovsky was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1991. His family originates from a small country town named Ceres, in the province of Santa Fe, where they work the fields. He graduated with honors with a degree in Image & Sound Design from the University of Buenos Aires and has been working in the Argentinian film and video production industry since 2011, where he was part of the sound editing crew for academy award’s nominated films such as “Wild Tales” and “The Embrace of the Serpent”. He is really passionate about filmmaking, having directed his first short-film, “Maltempo” in 2016 which won several awards from different festivals worldwide. Although he attended a Jewish high school, his true connection with Judaism started in 2013, after starting gemara lessons with Olami member organization “Menora” in Buenos Aires. Learning gemara opened a new world of logic, reasoning and discipline for him and became a starting point for re-discovering Judaism, which strengthened with each visit to Israel, and most of all: after being part of Olami’s 2017 Summit in Spain and the UK. He wishes to combine his passion for filmmaking and Judaism to create audiovisual material that could serve and inspire others to re-connect with their roots and take an active part in their communities. 

Darya (Shira) Pokachalova


Shira was born in Moscow. She is a keen badminton player, having begun playing professionally at age 5 and becoming a trainer by age 16. In 2011, she entered the MosGU college department of Advertising and Design and during her studies she trained the badminton team, hosting cultural events, and speaking at different conferences around the country. She graduated with Honors after 4 years and entered Moscow Humanitarian University Faculty of Advertising and PR. Shira grew up in a secular family. One day in 2012 she was cleaning her granny's closet and found Chanukah candles. Her parents couldn't explain what they were for so she had to find it out by herself. She went to a synagogue and felt an unbelievable warmth and light and understood that she wanted to know more. Eventually she went to Torah mi Tzion, an Olami member organization, and it changed her life. Shira has been a student of Torah mi Tzion for 4 years, during which time she has hugely increased her knowledge but also made so many friends. She has made a personal contribution to the Jewish community as a PR Manager for Torah mi Tzion.  She is now 22 years old and is the Olami Ambassador for the Former Soviet Union. She is expected to graduate from University in 2018 and is planning to tie her life firmly with Israel, Jewish culture and to help more students like her find their place in this world.

Neil Benjamin Dasgupta


Neil currently is a Sophomore student at Stony Brook University in Long Island New York. Studying Applied Mathematics and Philosophy. Outside of my academics I'm very involved in Jewish life on campus and Israel advocacy. Very excited to be Regional Ambassador so that I can share how much Judaism means to me with many other people.

Lorri-Anne Sass

South Africa

Lorri-Anne was elected as the Olami Ambassador of South Africa and Australia during the 2017 Olami Summit. Academically, Lorri-Anne has thrived. Attending King David Linksfield and successfully graduating from the University of Cape Town with a Dean’s Merit List in Bachelor of Business Science, specializing in Finance and Accounting. She is currently completing her Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting. Her future aspirations lie in the high-paced professional world that is Financial Services and Auditing, and to work with the best of the best in the major cities of the world. She loves connecting and establishing valuable relationships with people from all walks of life, whether professional or personal. Lorri-Anne is not afraid of hard work nor a challenge. She is your go-to woman. Not only did she hold the position as head curator for TEDx UCT and as an ASICS South African representative, she was also awarded a position on the leadership committee of the South African Union of Jewish Students for the UCT branch. Her involvement in Olami is a valued addition to her series of involvements and commitments in Jewish life over the years, giving back to her surrounding community.

Shniur Kiesel


An entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Shniur is a dynamic, positive leader who is always looking for a way to help others. He is passionate about Judaism, global justice, making the world a better one and is very proud to be part of Olami.  Shniur worked initially in a textile import-export company after finishing his studies in Business Administration at Maimonides University. He then moved to Israel where he learnt Hebrew and after that he spent some time in New York where he worked as an analyst and trader in Nuverse Advisor hedge fund. Shniur then came back to Buenos Aires where he founded a number of start-ups. His newest venture "Fellow" is a social networking app that launches in July 2018. On a personal note, Shniur loves traveling, swimming, sailing, yoga, rollerblading, nature, people and his fiancé, who he proposed to at the Olami Summit! Mazal tov!

Nitzan Afeck


Born and raised on a Kibbutz in Southern Israel, Nitzan Afek is an Industrial Engineering graduate from Ariel University and an entrepreneur. Among his favorite things are hiking, meeting new and interesting people and learning as much as he can about life and Judaism as well. He defines himself as being in the middle of a spiritual journey which he is happy about and open to share with others. Nitzan first stumbled upon Nefesh Yehudi, Olami’s member organization in Israel, five years ago accidentally through a friend that heard about the program. From that moment on, he has been an active member and supporter as a leader within the organization and ambassador for its programs. Through Nefesh Yehudi, Nitzan was introduced to Olami where he became a leader as an elected Regional Ambassador for Olami in Israel. "I feel like my purpose of being here is to be able to tell other people about my journey from an atheist Kibutznik to a believer and happier person."

Dylan Farruch


Born in Paris, Dylan Farruch grew up in a traditional family, with strong universal values such as the importance of sharing and solidarity. 

 Dylan is now on his 5th year of dental school and for the past 4 years has been an active member of one of the Olami affiliated organizations in Paris, Nefesh Yeoudi. What he enjoys the most is learning about his history, culture and the deeper meaning of existence. It wasn’t long after he began attending Nefesh Yeoudi that he asserted a leading role within the organization, heading several university trips, volunteer projects and networking conferences. 
Dylan is especially passionate about working with children and the sick. He does volunteer work in schools and hospitals. 
 At the Olami summit in the UK, Dylan was chosen as the Regional Ambassador for France. Dylan feels fortunate for the opportunity to spread the values, wisdom and experiences that he has been exposed to.

Alexei Abragamov


Alexei was born in the Soviet Union in Ukraine, and moved too Brooklyn New York at the age of 5. His involvement in Judaism was very minimal and he grew up with no traditions at home. In college he wanted to explore more, and after his birthright trip he got involved with RAJE(RUSSIAN AMERICAN JEWISH EXISTENCE). In the past 8 years Alexei had become a leader in the organization, supporting chesed projects, mentoring, and representing the organization for olami. Alexei believes in continuous learning and growth and challenging yourself everyday. He strives to inspire others to question themselves and continue to grow.

Sacha Johnstone


Born in Essex, Sacha is 24 years old and the Olami Regional Ambassador for the UK and Germany! He graduated with honors in 2015 from the University of Birmingham with a BA in Philosophy. Throughout his time on campus, he was heavily involved Jewish student life and served on the committee of the university's Jewish society, as well as on the executive board of the Upsillon Kappa Gamma colony of the international Jewish Fraternity - Alpha Epsilon Pi. It was on campus that he got involved with both Aish UK and the JLE serving as a Campus rep for the Aish and JLE joint campus program recruiting students and signing them up to trips. Since graduating he has remained heavily involved with Aish UK in Essex, and currently represents Aish Essex on the Essex Jewish Community Council. Sacha enjoys traveling and is a professional magician performing regularly at private parties and events! We are proud to have him on board.