Olami Accelerator

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The Olami Impact Accelerator is a one-year program for 500 selected top young leaders from around the world who want to make a big impact in the Jewish world on a global platform.

The program is run in partnership with our Olami member organizations around the world from January to December 2019. In May 2019, all delegates met for one week in Spain at the Olami Impact Forum.

“I am forever grateful to Olami for having the confidence in me to serve in these leadership roles. Olami has taught me invaluable leadership and interpersonal skills which will continue to carry on into my future career and life.”

David Abayev, Marlboro, New Jersey


Top Jewish leaders

Leaders will meet CEOs, donors, MK’s from the State of Israel and social media gurus both online and offline at our weekends and Global Leaders Forum. They will learn from the best in real time and see how their vision could become a reality.

Global community

Participants will become part of the family and connect with over 500 change-makers from all across the world. Olami is in 320 locations. They will always have a place to stay now when they travel! They will inspire each other and make a difference together.

Jewish learning

Participants will learn about what it means to be a Jew and leadership from a Jewish perspective. They will gain confidence in what they are leading.

Personal growth

#BeTheChange Real leaders are always growing, developing and learning. We have mentors who can help them actualize their full potential.

Practical skills training

Participants will gain practical skills in the areas of social media, public speaking, pitching, fundraising and how to run events.



    Connect with a global network of 500 change makers at our Impact Forum in Spain.

    Make a difference in your community and meet top Jewish leaders.

    Develop yourself personally and access training in real world skills.