How To Guide – Making Havdalah

If an important guest came to visit, how would you see them off? End shabbat with a flourish and set the tone for the new week.


"Shabbat exits, the week begins. There is a natural sense of let-down, holiness has left, the lower state is experienced. This is why we smell spices at Havdalah – to revive the wilting soul. But at the same time, we take wine for Havdalah which is usually used when elevation occurs. What is the meaning of this paradox? Certainly, the week begins with the sadness of sensing Shabbat fade. The relinquishing of kedusha (holiness and spirituality) is palpable. We smell spices. But the week’s beginning means a new opportunity to build, to elevate our present status towards another Shabbat which will be higher than the last, which will reflect another week of work and growth added to all the previous ones! We take wine! This is called a ‘yerida l’tzorech aliya’ – a descent for the purpose of elevation, a higher and greater elevation than before." - Akiva Tatz, JLE Olami Member Organization, London UK. Extract from “Living Inspired”.

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