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Join the conversation on hot topics such as gender roles, social justice, and Jewish views on life and purpose. Embark on a journey of self-discovery with YOU in the driver’s seat. On your schedule. At your convenience. Earn money while doing it!

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The mission is simple: we want to make this world a better and more meaningful place, and we want everyone in on the conversation. Watch a class, form your own opinion on the topic, and let’s discuss it. We want to hear you!

About the Program

Olami Hybrid combines digital classes with in-person meetings. Choose one of nine digital classes, learn at your own pace, and schedule three one-on-one meetings to discuss the topic you learned with an Olami Educator. 

Earn $150 Cash for learning!

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Campus /YP staff.

Miki Crouse

Admin Coordinator, Olami JHealth

Rabbi Tzvi Wilbur, M.D., FAAP

Admin Coordinator, Olami JHealth


Olami Hybrid provides Jewish students the opportunity to hear top-notch ideas from renowned Jewish educators at their convenience. The program combines online learning with face-to-face meetings with an educator to discuss the content. It’s a hybrid of exploration.

Olami Hybrid is designed to be as flexible as possible and completed within just a few weeks. Watching the online content can be completed at your leisure. The 1-on-1 learning sessions are coordinated with your local educator.
Are you a Jewish student or young professional? Want to explore what Judaism has to say on some of the most interesting, relevant and controversial questions that we are grappling with today? If you are nodding, then this is for you. If you are interested, apply here.

Simply fill out the application here. After reviewing the application, applicants may be invited to an interview. Notifications of acceptance are typically emailed within one week of the interview.

Stipends are limited, therefore not everyone will get invited to interview and accepted to Olami Hybrid with the opportunity to earn the cash. However, all will be granted access to the digital courses! Fill out an application here to apply.

To unlock your $150, watch 1 course to completion and meet 3 times with your educator. That’s it!!! The funds will be issued through PayPal.

Once accepted, you can start your online exploration anytime. We encourage you to pace your courses to get the most out of the program.

Once you are accepted to Olami Hybrid, you are welcome to watch as many videos as you would like. But remember…only a course watched in its entirety counts to receive the $150 scholarship.

Your call! You’re welcome to discuss the ideas from your courses, or investigate all the gnawing questions about Judaism or life you’ve been wondering about. This is a special opportunity to explore on your terms and we encourage you to run with it!
Great question! There’s an amazing community of students for you to connect with. Ask your local educator about who else is involved and find out when the next meet-up will be.