Learn from star educators, forge friendships from across the continent and expand your mind as you journey down the path to… know your greatness.

Your opportunity to join the network of hundreds of women who want to #GetSouled.

You are here because you take your soul seriously.

You know there is so much to life that is yet to be learned and you are ready to go on a journey of exploration. 

We live in unprecedented times. The world has never been more open. We can now bring together the best teachers, to teach the best classes, to the best students, with the best mentors in the world.

Together in one place. Online.

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Join hundreds of growth minded women from across North America for an unprecedented online educational program. Learn from star educators, forge friendships from across the continent and expand your mind as you journey down the path to… know your greatness.

Seriously Souled is designed for Jewish women aged 18-32 who want to know their greatness.


all star educational staff

Hand picked from across North America, Europe and Israel. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

growth-minded community

Create meaningful dialogue around some of the more fascinating issues, challenges and opportunities in your Jewish life.

social programming

Who says we can’t be social, while social distancing?! Innovative opportunities to meet and learn from amazing people from across the continent.

individualized attention

Each participant will have regular check ins to ensure they are gaining what they would like from the program.

are you ready to get started?

What is included

$ 18
  • 4 hours of intimate class sizes a week
  • Private answers to your questions, after classes
  • 1 private session every week
  • Topical Sunday Q&A cafe
  • Community building social program
  • Substantial subsidies towards our reunion trip to somewhere awesome (hopefully Israel!)
    Subject to eligibility

meet our educators

Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

Cain and Abel- Jealousy is Everything You Thought They Had

Level: Intermediate

Thursday at 10 - 10:45 AM

Rabbi Anthony Manning

Hot topics in the High Holidays

Level: Advanced

Wednesday 11 - 11:45 AM

Rabbi Shurin

Sefer Koheles

Level: Advanced

Tuesday 10 - 10:45 AM

Rabbi Yisrael Lander

Hilchot Yomim Noraim and Chol Hamoed

Level: Advanced

Tuesday 7 - 7:45 PM

Rabbi Aaron Krongold

Sefer Yonah

Level: Intermediate

Wednesday 9:15 - 10 PM

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

Riding the wave of the High Holidays

Level: Intermediate

Thursday 9:15 - 10 PM

Mrs. Nalini Ibragimov

Seeing the High Holidays in a new light

Beginner - Intermediate

Tuesday 9:15 - 10 PM


Have more questions?

What is Seriously Souled

Seriously Souled is a movement of woman who take their soul seriously, who envision a future thats deeper and more meaningful than the standard. It’s a community of growth minded, deep thinking real woman. It’s an awesome place. 

Is the Personal Makeover Month for me?

If you are ready to take your life to the next level and you are a Jewish woman aged 18-35 – we would love to have you with us on this journey. Whether you have no Jewish experience or you have been learning for a while, we all have room to grow, or what good is another day. Let’s support each other through what can be a life transforming experience.

How is the Personal Makeover Month delivered?
The program will be help online, via Zoom. So convenient!