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Learn Jewish wisdom from star educators, forge friendships from across the continent and expand your mind as you journey down the path to… KNOW YOUR GREATNESSS

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It can be a moment, an event, a thought, a friend, that sometimes sparks our interest in digging deeper into our Jewish roots. It makes us consider whether we truly know the value of this powerful tradition we’ve been gifted.

Starting October 18.

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Seriously Souled is the premiere Jewish wisdom platform for woman in their 20s and 30s. It’s fun, deep, fresh and connective. We’ve hooked you up with an all-star line up of educators from across the globe and given you over 42 learning options, amongst amazing women like yourself from across the Jewish world. Live on Zoom! From the comfort of your home.


Women's realm

Woman’s contribution within the paradigm of traditional Judaism is often misunderstood and miscommunicated in mainstream media. Please join us for an exploration of traditional perspectives on Woman from the perspective of traditional sources themselves and not just hear say. 

Hot topics

Seems like every word today is a “push button”. Check out how ancient Jewish wisdom has true relevance on some of the hot button topics of 2020.


The hidden depth and meaning of the Hebrew letters is something that marvels the mind. Come learn the Hebrew letters and be astonished. Who knows you may even be on your way to mastering one of the most important ancient languages in the world.


In every relationship there are guidelines that keep that relationship healthy. To the degree to which one cares about the other in that relationship, they will invest in getting to know what matters to them, what they like and what they would prefer we steer away from. Welcome to the world of halacha, translated as the route; the guidelines to the route to a healthy relationship. Think of it as a peek into the Creators ‘diary’ where you get to know all the things He loves most and those things He Wants us to steer clear of. 

Jewish Philosophy

Since our inception as a people 3,500 years ago, we have been a moral ray of light on some of the most obscure and complex issues plaguing humanity. Come see how these issues are as relevant, complex and mind shifting as they have ever been. 


Prayer is our avenue for deep, meaningful connection with the Creator of the World. Prayer is our chance to hold a conversation with the One who knows us best, Who has cared for us since our inception and Who loves us more deeply than we can imagine. These classes will give you a deeper understanding of the role prayer can play for the modern woman. 

Character development

This here is Taekwondo for the soul! Learn how to become a master of your inner world. How to harness the inner powers you were gifted and to redirect your areas of challenge. Learn from ancient wisdom that through the generations keeps getting reinforced in psychological research findings. I’m telling you ladies, this stuff is juicy!

Jewish Texts

We have always been known as the people of The Book! Did you know that the Bible is the number one best selling book of all time?? Don’t you want to know what that book is all about from the ones who are expert at it?? Here is your chance to learn Jewish Texts in English language from experts in translating its depth and meaning into modern parlance. Journey through what may seem like just a book, but truly holds the code to the most fantastic life you can imagine. 



$ 25 Oct 15-16

The package

42 classes a week

Choose from our roster of over 42 weekly class with live Q&As. 

a 6-week structure

An ever evolving and developing curriculum of Jewish wisdom.

All-star team of educators

A curated selection of some of the most inspiring teachers in the Jewish world today.

Social events

Attend our special events and have a fun, meaningful time with your peers.

Seriously souled network

Be part of the Souled network that gathers thousands of growth-minded Soul Sisters from across the globe.

Access all the content

Missed a class? Get access to all the content in your dashboard.

Why others love seriously souled

We launched over the pandemic to meet the needs of our Jewish sisters for deeper connection, meaning, and thought over a challenging time, and now come see what over 250 women are ranting and raving about. You have to come experience it for yourself.

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Seriously Souled is designed for Jewish women aged 18-32 who want to know their greatness.

Have more questions?

What is Seriously Souled?

Seriously Souled is a 6-week program for women who take their soul seriously. It’s a movement of women who envision a future that’s deeper and more meaningful than the standard. It’s a community of growth minded, deep thinking real woman. It’s an awesome place. 

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is $36 for 6 weeks, including:

  • 42 live classes over 6 weeks – take as many as you want
  • Access to all the recordings
  • Social events
  • Access to our international Soul Sisters network
How can I choose my classes?

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to see the full schedule and choose your classes.

What if I can't attend a class?

You will be able to access all the recordings. We strongly recommend you attend the classes you will choose. By doing so, you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes!

How will I get to know my Soul Sisters?

Throughout the whole program, you will be offered awesome online social events plus access to the closed Facebook group. Stay tuned for more info after you register…

My friend would love Seriously Souled, can I let her know about it?
Of course! The more the merrier.
Also, once you’ve registered, you can inspire your friends and get rewarded for it! How?
  • Refer 2 friends to Seriously Souled and get a $20 cash back
  • For every extra friend you will refer, get entered into a raffle to win airpods!
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