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Where do I envision my future? Who are the people and circumstances that bring out my best self? Where do I belong?

Join our 4-week course this December and learn Jewish wisdom from star educators, forge friendships from across the continent and expand your mind as you journey down the path to know your greatness. 


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It can be a moment, an event, a thought, a friend, that sometimes sparks our interest in digging deeper into our Jewish roots. It makes us consider whether we truly know the value of this powerful tradition we’ve been gifted.

Seriously Souled is the premiere Jewish wisdom program for you – women in their 20s and 30s. It’s fun, deep, fresh and connective. We run 4-to-6-week sessions all year round, spotlighting different themes throughout the year.

Get access to an all-star line up of educators from across the globe and dozens of learning options. Learn amongst amazing women like yourself from around the world. Live on Zoom! From the comfort of your home.

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December spotlight: integrity

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Take part in intimate-sized classes and get private answers to your questions after the sessions.

Dozens of optional weekly classes to choose from

An ever evolving and developing curriculum of Jewish wisdom.

All-star team of educators

A curated selection of some of the most inspiring teachers in the Jewish world today.

Social events

Attend our special events and have a fun, meaningful time with your peers.

Seriously souled network

Be part of the Souled network that gathers thousands of growth-minded Soul Sisters from across the globe.

Access to all the content

Missed a class? Get access to all the content in your dashboard.

This program made me realize how much I Love being Jewish. I never realized how much I missed learning about Judaism until this program and how I can implement certain practices into my life. My favorite thing that has impacted me is all the teachers stressing how Judaism is a relationship. That is one of the most impactful and beautiful things I have learned.


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Seriously Souled
December spotlight:

$ 9 For a 4-week program
  • 4 weeks of Seriously Souled
  • Dozens of optional classes to choose from
  • Online social events
  • Seriously Souled international community
  • On-demand access to this session content

Seriously souled

$ 50 valued at $216
  • Year-round Seriously Souled sessions
  • Access to hundreds of optional classes
  • Online social events
  • Seriously Souled international community
  • A year of Seriously Souled on-demand
  • VIP access to events and trips
SAVE $166


Did you benefit from Seriously Souled? Did it give you the opportunity to learn, make new friends and expand your mind?

Get paid to refer your friends or post on your social networks.

I have made lifelong connections with both my teachers and also my roots. I’ve learned about how Judaism impacts my everyday life, and I am more actively expressing my gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.


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A year of seriously souled

Join as 4 fabulous Jewish women hash out issues that matter to us all. We talk straight from the heart as we demystify Jewish concepts, address pressing issues, laugh and cry together…all live…all real.

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challenge of the week

What is one caring act that you can do to show love to your body?

It is hard to put how much this program has impacted my life in words. I was lacking in Jewish learning for several months and this program reignited my desire to continue learning, growing and continuing on my spiritual Jewish learning path. I hope to continue everything I have learned and want to continue with this program.


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Seriously Souled is designed for Jewish women aged 18-32 who want to know their greatness.

Have more questions?

What is Seriously Souled?

Seriously Souled is a program for women who take their soul seriously. It’s a movement of women who envision a future that’s deeper and more meaningful than the standard. It’s a community of growth minded, deep thinking real woman. It’s an awesome place. 

What is the cost of the program?

Our next series is starting in December and will cost $18 for 4 weeks, including:

  • 4 Power Hour sessions a week
  • Dozens of optional classes
  • Access to all the recordings
  • Social events
  • Access to our international Soul Sisters network
How can I choose my classes?

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to see the full schedule and choose your classes.

What if I can't attend a class?

You will be able to access all the recordings. We strongly recommend you attend the classes you will choose. By doing so, you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes!

How will I get to know my Soul Sisters?

Throughout the whole program, you will be offered awesome online social events plus access to the closed Facebook group. Stay tuned for more info after you register…

My friend would love Seriously Souled, can I let her know about it?
Of course! The more the merrier.
Also, once you’ve registered, you can inspire your friends and get rewarded for it! How?
  • Refer 2 friends to Seriously Souled and get a $20 cash back
  • For every extra friend you will refer, get entered into a raffle to win airpods!
Share this link now with your friends and remind them to mention your name in their registration form!

ohel rachel

In this course we will be delving into the deeper meaning of the three special mitzvot of women; challah, candle-lighting and family purity.

The sefer Ohel Rochel, written by Rav Menachem Shlanger, elucidates the mission of the Jewish woman, illuminating her strengths and abilities to create an amazing and vibrant home together with her husband.

Sefer Hachinuch

In this journey through Judaism, we look at the 613 mitzvot methodically one by one, exploring their philosophical underpinnings and laws of practice.

Discover the relevance that each mitzvah has in our daily lives – even the ones that are no longer practical.

Jewish art of self discovery

The Jewish Art of Self Discovery is not just a course, it’s a life-changer. Each lesson is designed to peel back the many layers of ourselves – layers that we typically don’t know or understand.

We get to become our own scientists – analyzing and researching WHY we do the things we do while also making better and healthier decisions for a more meaningful life.

If you’ve ever wanted to become BFF’s with yourself, this course is for you!! There is no previous knowledge needed – just show up and leave the rest up to us:)

Self development workshop

Change doesn’t just happen. You need a game plan. Become inspired and take the steps needed to bring out the best in yourself.

Purpose of life

Understand the history and current events through the worldview of our greatest rabbis, and discover the patterns, purpose, messages, and deeper truth behind it all.

This course features an in-depth study of Talmudic, Aggadic, and Midrashic sources.


Daily mindfulness practice has been proven to reduce stress levels, boost the immune system, assist in sustained focus, and effectively treat anxiety and depression.

This course will introduce you to a whole new way of life, giving you the skill set to bring mindfulness into every moment.

hiltchot shabbat

This 6-week session will be focusing on the halachos (laws) of muktzeh.

We will be exploring in detail the complicated laws of which items may or may not be handled on Shabbos and how to apply these laws to common Shabbos situations.

kabbala of kashrut

Does G-d really care what we eat? Is He allergic to pork? Join us for a deep exploration of what “Kosher” really is and the meaning behind Judaism’s complex dietary laws.

Transform your life from the inside out as you relate more deeply to your soul, yourself, and the world. Conscious eating may just be the gateway to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

hashkafa of shabbat

Shabbos is known to be the source of the next week’s blessing. Don’t let those 25 hours go to waste.

Find out how it can bring you closer to yourself, your loved ones and G-d.

The Wonders of the Creator

Look at creation and you will meet the Creator. Stunning new scientific discoveries can teach us to see the spiritual greatness pulsating through life.

This fascinating course will leave you awestruck saying, “How great are Your works Hashem – all of them You made with wisdom”.

dating and relationships

Am I ready to date seriously? What should I look for? Am I being too picky?

How can I spot my soulmate? This course will help you navigate dating and relationships.

Big Questions 2

Jews aren’t afraid of questions, we thrive on them. Let’s tackle them head-on in this compelling series of talks.

  1. Surrogacy and Jewish Medical Ethics
  2. Mashiach – What Are We Waiting For?
  3. The Afterlife – Is there a Jewish Heaven or Hell?
  4. LGBTQ Jew – Homosexuality in Jewish Thought
  5. Jews and Non-Jews – Are We Different?
  6. Love Your Neighbor – Balancing Your Needs and Other People


Chasidic philosophy revolutionized the Jewish world, bringing the deepest mystical concepts to the ‘simplest’ of Jews.

This course will examine life’s meaning and purpose through a Chasidic lens, focusing on topics like happiness, faith, and trust.

We’ll analyze original Chasidic texts, line by line, discussing their application to everyday life.

life skills

Chesed (loving-kindness) is about far more than just “being a nice person.” It is a fundamental expression of our “Tzelem Elokim,” the Divine image in which man was made, and one of the very foundations of all of Creation according to Judaism.

Through a close study, and interactive discussion, of Rabbi Eliezer’s profound and classic 20th-century essay, “Kuntras HaChesed,” along with other readings on the topic by great Sages in our tradition (time allowing), we will gain a new depth of understanding and strengthen our commitment to living our lives as Givers!

Emuna and bitachon:
shaar habitachon

If you really trust in G-d, do you have to wear a seatbelt? If G-d provides, why do we need to work? This course explores what it really means to let go, and let G-d, while still actualizing all the human potential we have been gifted with.

We’ll clarify some of the most foundational issues and questions regarding G-d’s involvement in our day to day lives and learn to forge a strong relationship with Hashem based on faith and optimism.


Whatever emotion you’re feeling, there’s a psalm that expresses it and channels it into connection to G-d.

Discover why David Hamelech’s Tehillim resonates with so many peoples and cultures. Its five books parallel the five books of the Torah in their ability to give us direction and inspiration.

Join us for an in-depth understanding of Chapter 145 Ashrei.

Beer tefilah shmona esrei

The Shemona Esrei (18 blessings) is recited three times a day in the silent amidah.

Find out what they mean, why they are ordered in this way, and how they interact to guide our emotions and relationship with G-d. (We’ll even explain why there are 19, not 18!)

Structure and content of prayer

Jewish prayer can be meditative, intimate and energizing, or dry, repetitive, and unintelligible. The choice is ours.

Get your hands dirty with this in-depth analysis of the Siddur, complete with practical exercises and homework. Leave autopilot behind and make prayer come alive.


In this interactive class, we’ll explore the personalities and strengths of our great matriarchs, Rachel and Leah using textual sources.

Learn to question, dig deeper and tackle the moral and spiritual ideas that arise.


The weekly Parsha is not a description of ancient history, but a guide to daily living. Join us as we go through each week’s basic storyline, then deep dive into the life lessons embedded within.

Discover the richness and depth of Torah beneath the surface.


Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the four matriarchs did not just give us our genes, they gave us our spiritual DNA.

Every week we will look into their lives and choices for clues about our own inner strength and potential.

What motivated them? What were their challenges? What can we learn from their decisions which can help us in our lives today?

Women in nach

A deeper look at some of the lesser-known women in Tanach, this class will explore the stories and personalities of some exceptional women and what we can learn from them.



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