As long as there has been a Jew, there has been someone to hate him. But why? Is it possible that there is a reason for all this hate? One that actually empowers and informs us as to who we are? 

Join Rabbi Krongold and the Hasbara staff for an eye opening exploration of anti-Semitism from a Torah lens and a weekly debrief on its implications in our current lives. 

June 7 – July 15
Thursdays, 2:00 PM EDT


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Hi, I’m Rabbi Aaron Krongold!

I’m a native Torontonian. Following my studies at the University of Toronto, I had the tremendous privilege of living for 5 years in the Old City of Jerusalem, learning in Yeshivas Aish HaTorah. After moving back to Toronto in 2009, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to continue my full-time studies for the past 12+ years at Kollel Ohalei Yom Tov, while simultaneously receiving hands-on tutelage from some of Toronto’s greatest Rabbinic leaders and authorities. During this time I have taught at many different Torah institutions throughout the city.

I greatly enjoy sharing the timeless lessons of the Torah’s wisdom and it’s down-to-earth relevance.

Seriously Souled has given me a huge international community of like-minded growth oriented girls who I can relate to and support. This program has been so unique and has the potential to still change MANY lives!!!


Seriously Souled is designed for Jewish women in their 20s and 30s who want to further develop their Jewish identities

Hasbara Fellowships is a non-profit pro-Israel advocacy organization that provides Jewish student leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence in order to identify and respond to anti-Israel and antisemitic events that occur in high schools and on university and college campuses across North America. Since 2001, we have trained over 3,000 students to become advocates for Israel at colleges and universities from across North America, as well as hundreds of high school students.

This class is part of a larger Olami program. Find out more about it by clicking here for women and here for men.