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What’s the secret to self-love? How can each day become meaningful? Why are love relationships so complicated?

Join our 4-week online program for women who are ready to uplevel their relationships, mind and life.

April 19 – May 16

Sundays through Thursdays
lunchtime and evenings.

world-renowned presenters

Riveting classes on self-development, relationships, kabbalah and more

global community of growth-minded women

Seriously Souled is a community of young Jewish women who are creating a better world through the power of deep and meaningful connections

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Take part in intimate-sized classes and get one-on-one mentorship to achieve your tailored growth goals.

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Be part of the Souled network that gathers thousands of growth-minded Soul Sisters from across the globe. 

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Choose from dozens of optional classes by a curated selection of some of the most inspiring teachers in the Jewish world today. 

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Seriously Souled has completely changed my life. Learning about these concepts has shifted the way that I think. It has caused me to look at my upbringing and the societal norms around me in a completely different light. I go about my life in a different way with a renewed sense of purpose. For so long I was searching for a different way to live my life that was unique to mainstream society and culture. I started doing it on my own and then when I found Seriously Souled, I saw there was actually reasoning behind what I was doing and others who were doing it to.


Seriously Souled
Spring program

$ 18 Offer valid until March 26
  • 4 weeks of Seriously Souled
  • Dozens of optional classes to choose from
  • Online social events
  • Seriously Souled international community
  • On-demand access to this session content
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And get:

  • A year of Seriously Souled
  • Access to hundreds of optional classes
  • Fast track in class selection
  • Online social events
  • Access to a BONUS course

Seriously Souled has given me a huge international community of like-minded growth oriented girls who I can relate to and support. This program has been so unique and has the potential to still change MANY lives!!!


our most popular classes

Ilana and Jamie Cowland Sundays at 12pm
For over 3500 years the Jewish people have held secrets to the most flourishing, prosperous marriages. Join Ilana and Rabbi Cowland as they reveal some of those deep truths for beautiful relationships.
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Rabbi Hajioff Wednesdays at 9pm
Jewish prayer can be meditative, intimate and energizing, or dry, repetitive and unintelligible. The choice is ours. Get your hands dirty with this in-depth analysis of the Siddur, complete with practical exersizes and homework. Leave autopilot behind and make prayer come alive.
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Stacey Anbar Sundays at 9pm
The Jewish Art of Self Discovery is not just a course, it’s a life changer. Each lesson is designed to peel back the many layers of ourselves – layers that we typically don’t know or understand. We get to become our own scientists – analyzing and researching WHY we do the things we do while also making better and healthier decisions for a more meaningful life. If you’ve ever wanted to become BFF’s with yourself, this course is for you!! There is no previous knowledge needed – just show up and leave the rest up to us:)
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Rabbi Krongold Sundays at 8pm
Fire, Water, Air and Earth. No, not a 70’s rock band, They are the Kabbalistic guides to understanding the personality types in each one of us. Join Rabbi Aaron Krongold for a thrilling deep dive into the elements that make you, you!
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Seriously Souled has changed my perspective in many aspects. I am more patient, calm, more grateful for what I have, and I have more clarity in my path.


SCHEDULE for Feb 8 - 28

Once registered, you’ll be able to choose two classes from this wide selection

Seriously Souled is designed for Jewish women in their 20s and 30s who want to further develop their identities

Have more questions?

What is Seriously Souled?

Seriously Souled is a program for women who take their soul seriously. It’s a movement of women who envision a future that’s deeper and more meaningful than the standard. It’s a community of growth minded, deep thinking real woman. It’s an awesome place. 

What is the cost of the program?

Our next series is starting in April and will cost $18 for 4 weeks, including:

  • Dozens of optional classes
  • Social events
  • Access to our international Soul Sisters network
How can I choose my classes?

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to see the full schedule and choose your classes.

What if I can't attend a class?

You will be able to access all the recordings. We strongly recommend you attend the classes you will choose. By doing so, you will be entered into a raffle to win prizes!

How will I get to know my Soul Sisters?

Throughout the whole program, you will be offered awesome online social events plus access to the closed Facebook group. Stay tuned for more info after you register…

My friend would love Seriously Souled, can I let her know about it?
Of course! The more the merrier.
Also, once you’ve registered, you can inspire your friends and get rewarded for it! How?
  • Refer 2 friends to Seriously Souled and get a $20 cash back
  • For every extra friend you will refer, get entered into a raffle to win airpods!
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