The Business of College sports:

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About Michael Shabsels
CEO, Damis Holdings

Mike grew up in NYC and, went to Brandeis University. While in his senior year he co-founded University Sports Publications (“USP”), a publishing and advertising sales company. USP is a leading publisher of professional and collegiate sports souvenir magazines and yearbooks. 

In 2009 he resigned from USP, concurrent with closing a sale of his ownership in the company. From that point on his efforts have been devoted to buying and running summer camps and investment real estate properties. Mike is the nation’s largest owner of for-profit summer camps. He owns and operates 26 businesses (and their respective properties), primarily in the Northeast. These camps serve more than ten thousand children.

Mike has been an owner and operator of traditional, investment real estate properties since 2016. He invests in a diverse array of real estate asset types including retail, office, medical office, industrial and multi-family. He owns in excess of 30 properties and has signed purchase contracts to acquire several more. These properties are located in small to mid-size markets, in a multitude of states. Mike has been married since 2005 and has two children.

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In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why College Athletes are not paid 
  • Key Sports Marketing Strategies
  • How Mike Shabsels founded University Sports Publications and turned it into a Sports Marketing Powerhouse