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Join a global community of young Jewish professionals, Mentors, and Industry leaders navigating their careers and life through Jewish values.

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Weekly Keynote and Q&a

Join our weekly online program which features an intimate Keynote and Q&A with epic Jewish business leaders.


Take a look at the amazing speakers that have been part of Olami Professional Circles programs. 

Upcoming Industry circles:

Industry: Technology

Attendance is limited to 24 young professionals in a specific industry who will bepaired  with an experienced and successful business leader.

OPC women's network

The OPC Woman’s Network was founded for women by women to encourage growth, strength, and knowledge. Our network enables young professional women to hear industry-leading speakers, network with executives and to meet other like-minded professionals. 

This is a community where women will become leaders who find their voices, gain skills, confidence, as well as furthering their career pathways. 

What I enjoy most about Olami is the aspect of bringing a bunch of Jewish people together and sharing diverse and powerful thoughts. It’s so fun to be around my fellow peers it’s very enjoyable and I look forward to this every week.

Elana Delafraz, Marketing Manager at Concord Music

I learned from my mentor that when bad thing come at you, reframe how they are. Think of them as challenges and opportunities.

Aya Abitbul, CEO and Founder of Studio 96

The best thing about meeting my mentor tonight was meeting people who were equally ambitious about their career but also passionate about their religion and Judaism and seeing that partnership is really inspiring and motivates me to make sure that as demanding as my career becomes that religion and my Judaism come first.

Adina Lichtman, Founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock

It has been powerful to hear from celebrated leaders about how their Jewish values and ethics have informed and even driven their successes over their careers. These inspiring talks have already shaped how I think about practicing integrity in my work and cultivating the professional and person I hope to become. -Abby Lehman

Abby Lehman

Listening to our mentors and speakers talk about being unapologetically resolute in their Jewish beliefs in their workplace really struck a chord with me. It demonstrated to me that it pays to be Jewish and upfront about it. Doing so leads to more opportunity than I ever realized.

Rachel Furst, Director of Product Marketing at Blue Bite

I learnt that we shouldn’t look at a job as a commercial means as an end but as a means but rather as something meaningful in a personal development sense than a strictly monetary sense.

Ben Offen, Investment Analyst at Lord Abbett

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about OPC

Olami Professional Circles is a global network of professionals committed to using Jewish teachings and values to realize their potential. This is why they recommend OPC! 


What is Olami Professional Circles?

Olami Professional Circles is a global network of Jewish professionals in their 20’s & 30’s who are committed to pursuing the success of their careers and life through Jewish values. Get exclusive access to the most successful Jewish executives in their field and learn how Jewish values help you develop and enrich your career and life.

What benefits will I get if I attend?

Access to a global network of Jewish professionals Learn from the best business minds in the industry Access successful mentors Jewish teachings and values relevant to the workplace Opportunities to attend international events and conferences
Access to other Olami programming

How does the program work?

Olami Professional Circles online is a unique virtual program for young Jewish professionals.

Each week you can tune in to hear from the best business minds on various topics and spend time in a mentorship circle broadening your knowledge on Jewish ethics relevant to the workplace

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to join our online virtual sessions. You just need to register.

Do I need to attend every session?

No, you can sign up for the sessions that you would like to and that are relevant to your career- because each session will have a different topic, you won’t be put at a disadvantage if you miss one. To get the full benefit of the program we would encourage you to attend as many sessions as you can.

How can I network with my peers?

When we are able to offer in-person programing again (Post Corona) you will be invited to regional networking events where you can engage the speakers and mentors. You can join our Facebook and Linked-In page to see who is in our network.

What Jewish wisdom is taught on this program?

We try and ensure that each session is infused with Jewish wisdom that aims to enrich your life. Topics such as resilience, self-mastery, conflict resolution, business ethics, and responsibility are just a few. You will also have access to other Olami programs that you can join to enrich your spiritual Journey.

How do I apply?

Fill out the interest form and we will add you to our member list to be informed of upcoming events.

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