It’s a tough time for everyone. Tough news. Phone bleeping incessantly with increasing numbers, more lives at risk. More negativity. Let’s take some time to pause. For some serenity. Let’s recognize the beautiful opportunity presented to us by Shabbat, our day of rest.

Let’s each do something to celebrate Shabbat together, even though we are physically far apart.

???? Bake / buy challah ready before sundown
???? Set candles to be lit
???? Set wine or grape juice for Kiddush
???? Set your table for a Shabbat meal

Let’s unite and celebrate the sanctity and serenity of Shabbat.
Let’s do this together. 25,000 people from 32 countries around the world.

Post a picture of your Shabbat preparations on Fridays before sundown with the hashtag #ThankGodItsShabbat

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