Do your students feel like life has a way of getting ahead of us? There are so many things we wish we had learned, or explored, or invested in but we simply haven’t prioritized. When you think of all the craziness of the past year, don’t your students wish there was something they can do to bring meaning, peace and control into their life.

These are questions your students are wondering and we need to help them find their answer.

Seriously Souled is an online Sem that runs sessions all year round.

This March, we are offering a FREE 2-week course about FREEDOM that will run March 8-21.

Our star educators include: Rabbi YY Rubenstein, Ilana and Jamie Cowland, Rabbi Anthony Manning, Rabbi Aron Krongold, Rabbi Benzi Klatzko, Debbie Greenblatt, Stacey Anbar, Nalini Ibragamov, Rabbi Hajioff and more!

You can help by sharing flyers, the promo video and the schedule with your female students to show them how they could benefit from this program.


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