Are you interested in participating in Olami’s newest initiative – inspirational online learning matching Olami students with community members?  We have one-on-one as well as small group learning opportunities.

Mentors and students can decide together to use our source materials or choose their own from a topic that they are comfortable learning or that the student suggests.

During these uncertain times, it is critical for people to learn the Torah’s insights to help navigate. With a weekly class session, it offers something to look forward to each week. Something to count on. Something that is constant in an ever-changing world.

Thank you for signing up to broadening your mind and nourish your soul!


  • For community members

    Community members will have the opportunity to interact, learn, get-to-know, and be able to impact a student’s journey while offering advice, mentorship, and a partnership in learning on a weekly basis.
  • For students

    Students are all on their own journey of Jewish growth and having a solid learning partner to help guide them can make a profound effect on the actual amount of growth one can achieve.