Every great tower is built on a solid foundation.

This level is meant to give you the context and the larger picture of Judaism. You already understand that Judaism is important and plays a key role in your life, you just want to know more about it.

Who are our ancestors, what contribution did they make to the world. What are the answers to some of the most pondered questions in the world. What lessons can we learn from Judaism to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Explore this timeless wisdom with growth minded women from across North America, and have a chance to bond, discuss and activate change as a community.

This is a highly customized experience. We will try to be there for you every step of the way. From class scheduling guidance, to individualized attention in small class sizes, and personal learning opportunities. We are here for you.

hours per week
introductory price


All star educational staff

Hand picked from across North America, Europe and Israel. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

Growth minded Community

Create meaningful dialogue around some of the more fascinating issues, challenges and opportunities in your Jewish life.

Social programming

Who says we can’t be social, while social distancing?! Innovative opportunities to meet and learn from amazing people from across the continent.

Individualized attention

Each participant will have regular check ins to ensure they are gaining what they would like from the program.

The Package

  • Intimate sized classes

    4 hours a week
  • Private answers

    to your questions, after classes
  • 1 private session

    every week
  • A topical Sunday Q and A cafe

  • community building social program

    At least once every 2 weeks
  • Substantial subsidies

    towards our reunion trip to somewhere awesome (hopefully Israel!) - subject to eligibility


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