This highly interactive program, offers an educational approach to your emotional intelligence.

As your understanding of your emotional intelligence deepens, you will demonstrate more of the human attributes that help you in life when dealing with your studies, job, relationships, or even yourself. You will become more forgiving, considerate, appreciative, and understanding of both yourself and others, and more creative, driven, and productive in your studies and job. 

Jewish wisdom has the key to unlocking all that potential from within you. Join us for this journey of skill building, emotional health and self discovery.

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Self-awareness / resilience

Get to know yourself and what you are capable of.

Stress / moods

Learn what it means and how to navigate through it.


Deepen and enjoy your relationships with more connection and less upset.

Calm / patience

Going with the flow of life.

Navigating through difficult times

Life will always present challenges, but how do we deal with them?

Social pressures

Learn how to be who you want to be.


Learn how to empathize and help others.


Why we procrastinate and how to be productive.


Mrs. Ilana Cowland

Mrs. Ilana Cowland originally from London, attended Hasmonean High School. After high school, she attended BJJ Seminary in Jerusalem and then received a BA in Jewish Studies from the University of London, as well as a diploma in counseling. Having spent 9 years working as a rebbetzin in the London Aish HaTorah community, she and her family moved to Jerusalem in 2004 where she has been involved in teaching and education administration, including 3 years as the principal of a seminary for high school graduates. Mrs. Cowland is a sought after lecturer and educator internationally, with a specialty in the topics of relationships and women’s issues. In addition to her teaching seminary students, Mrs. Cowland is involved in teaching shalom bayit courses to young married women in Jerusalem. She lives with her family in Ramot Bet.

Mrs. Ilana Cowland

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt is the director of the Rabbinical Training Academy, an innovative program that mentors newly qualified rabbis through the first eighteen months of their first jobs. He is also the author of Why Bad Things DON'T Happen to Good People, a semi auto-biographical book about understanding and facing challenging times. Shaul founded Aish UK in 1993, in 2001, Tikun in 2006, and the Innate Health Centre in 2012. In 30 years of rabbinic leadership, he has counseled many hundreds of people in a broad range of circumstances. He lives with his family in London

Rabbi Shaul Rosenblatt

Chana Rosenblatt

Chana Rosenblatt was born in Jerusalem and moved to UK in 2002. Chana originally trained in Family Counselling based on the Adlerian model, before coming across the 3 Principles in 2010. Having been touched and impacted deeply by this understanding and seeing the approach as revolutionary, she changed direction completely and graduated from the 3 Principles Professional Institute in 2011.She is a highly sought after counsellor, trainer and International lecturer. Chana is also a blessed mother to eight children and 5 grandchildren.

Chana Rosenblatt

Shifra Chesler

Shifra Chesler grew up in London and completed her BA in Childhood and Youth Studies. She then graduated from London’s One Thought Practitioners’ Training Institute. Shifra was an elementary school teacher in London and more recently ran a 3 principles, counselling practice in Jerusalem where she would meet with. Shifra is currently the co-director of Aish at Penn State University, where she hosts students regularly for Shabbats, teaches classes on both emotional intelligence and Jewish studies and meets with students on a one-to-one basis. Shifra lives in State College PA, with her husband and children.

Shifra Chesler


The course will be a highly interactive course with an element of frontal teaching but mainly workshop style. 

Personal coaching will be available upon request. 

Everyone struggles in various areas of life. Equipped with the emotional intelligence that this course will give you, the difficulties in life will feel a lot simpler. Therefore, if you are a human being, this course will be of huge benefit to you!