About Olami

We are a community of believers.

We believe in Jewish greatness. We believe that Jewish teachings and values enable each Jew to reach their inner potential, to achieve their greatness. We call it our “Jewish greatness”, because we are achieving it through Judaism.

We believe in the power of community. We are not in this alone. We are a part of something bigger, something greater, something global. And something powerful. A global community focused on reaching our own personal greatness and inspiring others to reach theirs. Because as Jews, we believe that we are in this together, side by side. We are one family, one nation, one people. We are responsible for each other. Always have been, always will be.

We believe that the power of our community is the passion of our people. We are enthusiastic students and young professionals who want to be our best and make a difference in the world. We bring a vast and vibrant peer-to-peer network and social connections that span the globe. We are wise and passionate mentors and educators who are grounded in education, wisdom and knowledge and who role model a path of excellence. We are community members who believe in the vision and want to come on board to provide the guidance and resources so that we can all achieve it.

While every Olami member organization is independent, we all share a common vision, and work together through sharing of resources, ideas, programs, training and more in order to get us closer to that vision. Find an organization close to you here.

To date, over 100,000 students’ lives worldwide have been impacted by Olami.

Your support can help us to reach even more young Jews and to ensure that the next generation is inspired, educated and committed to our Jewish future.


Over a decade ago, in response to the alarming rate of assimilation in the Jewish college communities across the globe, a number of benefactors joined together to launch a worldwide campus and young professional effort to reconnect Jews to their heritage, their faith and their land and to inspire Jewish greatness within each of them.

Now, over ten years later, Olami is a global community representing a united effort of organizations in over 300 locations around the world to secure an inspired, engaged and knowledgeable Jewish tomorrow.

With the Olami Foundation providing manpower, program development and management, students all over the world are experiencing the exhilaration of Jewish living through textual study, Shabbat, seminars and trips, and most critically, through the eternal bond between the Diaspora Jew and the State of Israel.