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September 14

new YORK 8:30 PM | LA 5:30 PM | Chicago 7:30 PM 

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“Permission to Let Go” is an open and raw conversation between motivational speaker, Sarah Montana, and Director of Expansion for Olami’s Souled program, Adina Stilerman, on the powers and pitfalls of forgiveness in the 21st century. Sarah has a mesmerizing story of searching for the secret to forgiveness after her mother and brother were brutally murdered during a botched robbery in her home. This is a conversation you do not want to miss.

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Meet The Speakers

Sarah Montana

Sarah Montana is a screenwriter for the Hallmark channel, writer, and public speaker. Her play "The Girl, The Ghosts, and the Minotaur" was a winner of the Life Jacket Theater Company's Proof of Concept Reading Series. She has spoken at TEDx Lincoln Square and the AHA Women's Speaker Series. Her talk "Why Forgiveness is Worth It" is featured on She is currently working on her first memoir. 

Adina Stilerman

Adina Stilerman is a motivational speaker engaging and entertaining audiences across the world. As the new director of expansion for SOULED, the womens community in Olami, she is on a mission to inspire women to embrace the endless possibilities for growth and personal metamorphosis.

Olami Souled is an international community of young Jewish women in their twenties and thirties who are seeking to live a life based on clarity, connection and meaning.

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