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Are you a Jewish college student looking to boost your career in Tech?

You don’t have to wander around campus looking for direction anymore. Now, JTech’s base of fellow tech undergraduates is here to offer you everything you need to navigate your way to your future success.

One-on-one and group mentoring, internship opportunities and professional career development and guidance, rooted in Jewish values will give you the head start you need, not only in your career, but in your life, and your experience on campus as well.


Find your perfect mentor and get professional guidance from them. 

Retreats And Trips

Join networking weekends with peers and mentors as well as national and international experiences including winter trips to Dubai and Silicon Valley.

Spend your summer interning at top Israel start ups or join a research project under the guidance of outstanding mentors, and uncover inspiring Jewish wisdom.

What you get


JTech is a national society designed for Jewish undergraduates to build their pre-professional network, learn from experienced Jewish professionals in various tech fields and synthesize their professional aspirations with Jewish values.

Any Jewish undergraduate enrolled at a North American (U.S.) college or university with a goal of working in the tech fields. 

  • Regular content posted on our private LinkedIn platform
  • Monthly online talks from leading experts in various tech fields
  • Smaller local events through your college or university chapter
  • Access to mentorship; premium internships in Israel and the United States
  • Resume-building educational offerings
  • Exclusive research projects, and publishing outlets; letters of recommendation;
  • Leadership opportunities; and more! 

No. JTech is open to Jewish students regardless of education level, affiliation, beliefs or other distinctions. If you are open to the Jewish experience and interested in a high-level pre-professional peer network, JTech is relevant to you. 

Please note: Some of these are open to all members upon acceptance, while others may be contingent upon the level of engagement, and subject to further application processes over time. 

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If you are a Jewish college student looking to boost your career - We invite you to join us.