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As you well know, the Torah has the power to uplift and transform our lives, but not when it’s sitting on a bookshelf, rolled up in a scroll, or being lectured to a passive audience. It’s power is unleashed through shteiging. Shteiging over Torah, discussing, challenging, arguing, debating, is how we grow. Share that power.

Olami Shteig is a new learning platform that introduces Torah learning to Jewish students and young professionals around the world, allowing them to sign up for a short course, meet other people, be mentored by someone living an inspired Torah life and get shteiging.


As a mentor, you’ll have the rewarding opportunity to positively influence and impact young people through volunteering an hour of your time to shteig with a student on a weekly basis. Sign up with Olami Shteig to help secure a Jewish tomorrow and inspire greatness! Tell us more about yourself so we can start matching you with a student.


TUESDAYS at 7:00 pm CST

Is there a cost?

The program is completely FREE. Thanks to the generosity of Olami benefactors coupled with the hundreds of mentors who are volunteering their time, this is really a once-in a-lifetime opportunity!

Is this a long-term commitment?

Part of the power of the program is the ability to foster meaningful relationships over an extended period of time. You should plan on committing to the initial 4-week session of one hour each. You can choose to stop participating at any time.  That said, these mentors are very busy & successful people who are donating their time. Please let us know in advance if you are unable to make a session. 

What kind of Jewish background do I need to join the program?

NONE. This program is accessible to those YP’s with limited or even no Jewish background. We will match you with a knowledgeable mentor with whom you can discuss and learn the topic.

Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?

There is no need to prepare anything ahead of time. We provide source materials for each week, along with a coherent translation of all Hebrew texts. 

Who will I be matched with?

We will try to connect you with the best possible mentor who is a successful member of the Jewish community.  Like any matching process, you can switch partners if it is not a suitable match. We will work closely with you but need your communication to make it a success! With over 1,000 students already engaged in this Olami program globally, the vast majority of students are very happy with their mentors and vice versa.

If you have any additional questions, please email Rabbi Garfinkel at or the   Olami Shteig Team at

What else do I need to know?

All you need is a computer or phone with a camera to run the Zoom app and a desire to “partner up” with a mentor to “power up”.  Olami “Shteig” enables you to interact, learn, get-to-know, and connect with a Jewish mentor to learn more about Judaism, life, and yourself!

What is the goal of Project 613 & Olami’s “Shteig” program?

The initial launch is a 4-week program with the hope that the relationship continues. Tuesdays, September 15, 22, 29 & October 6. 

While mentors should plan to commit to the initial 4 sessions of 1 hour each for 4 weeks, they can choose to stop participating at any time.  Please just let us know in advance if  you are no longer able to mentor so that we can find a suitable replacement. 

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