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If you’re good with people, passionate about motivating your peers and excel at recruiting others to a bigger vision then being a campus ambassador could be an option for you.

In 2017, we launched our new Olami Campus Ambassador program. We have positions available on a number of campuses across the USA at any given time. If you are passionate about being Jewish and are great with people then this is for you.

With top leadership training, meeting VIP leaders and the potential to make a good salary this highly selective position is a great opportunity.

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Meet the awesome Olami family. They work day in an day out to make Olami the most inspiring young Jewish community.

Alex Goldstein


Alex Goldstein is from New York City, he is an ambassador to Emory campus and is a double major in business and English. He likes sports and reading books and has just recently become an ambassador for Olami. He is the social chairman for his fraternity.

Anna Bywater


Anna is a Junior from Yardley, Pennsylvania. She’s majoring in International Business with a concentration in Sales & Business Development. She is involved with MEOR at Temple University as the club’s University Liaison along with being an ambassador for Olami. Last winter, she traveled to Poland with MEOR, and has also been involved with the Maimonides program, Maimo 2, and one-on-one learning. She is also a peer writing tutor at the Business Communications Center, a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and involved in the University Honors Program.

Aviv Reif


Aviv Reif is a senior Finance and International Business Major at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. His involvement with Olami’s on-campus programs and its trips to Poland and Israel sparked his passion for Judaism and has led him to take a leadership role with Olami on campus since his freshman year. Aviv also serves on the student board of Fox’s International Business Administration and is an incoming Management Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He loves traveling, reading about history, and learning languages.

Becca Block


Becca Block is a sophomore at the University of Maryland. She is currently studying to be an elementary teacher and is also very interested in Jewish non-profit work. She is on the Executive board at Meor Maryland and loves recruiting more people to the awesome organization! She is also currently a teacher’s assistant for an introductory English class, and involved in her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. After graduation she plans to move to Israel where she would live to work for a Jewish non-profit involving children.

Chani Bernstein


Chani Bernstein, from Lawrence, New York, is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Hofstra University. She is in the last year of her program, and has previously studied Jewish History at Bernard Revel Graduate School, at Yeshiva University. Besides for her interests in Jewish History and Human Behavior, Chani has worked as a mentor for a number of Jewish organizations, including RAJE and Meohr. Additionally, she has participated in leading OU’s Birthright trips, and an EMET Poland trip in the summer of 2018. In her free time she likes to learn new things, spend time socializing with friends, practicing yoga, cooking, and explore new places.

Dina Sokol


Dina Sokol is from Westchester, New York. She is a Meor Ambassador at Emory University. She is a sophomore majoring in business and minoring in math. Her interests include staying active, hanging out with friends, and participating in adventurous activities. This will be her second year involved with Meor, but her first year as an Olami Ambassador. Last year she participated in the Meor 1 group with some members of her sorority. She is excited to continue her involvement with Meor!

Elisha Szirt


Elisha Szirt is going into her second year at Concordia University in Montreal. She is currently enrolled in actuarial mathematics but is in the process of transferring into finance with the hopes of pursuing commercial real estate one day. Elisha participated in the Campus Ambassador Program in Winter 2019 and when attending the Olami summit in Spain this summer, had a life changing experience. She kept Shabbat for the first time in her life and convinced 600 others to do it with her. She is now working on a project, with the help of her mentor Elie Horn, to recruit 5000 new participants into Olami.

Esther Shaulova


Esther Shaulova is from Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Pace University with a bachelors degree in both Economics and Computer Science. Currently she is the Operations Manager at Statista. She loves singing, dancing, hiking, and reading on her spare time. She has been involved with Olami for a little while now through RAJE NY. Just recently she has got back from the Olami Impact Leaders Forum in Spain where she got to network with fellow young professionals from around the globe and learn on how to make an impact in the world. She is looking forward to meeting all her fellow Ambassadors and have loads of fun!

Harrison Kudwitt


Harrison Kudwitt is one of the newest Ambassadors for Olami. As a transfer student to Rutgers he was nervous about making new friends and getting involved but soon found Olami on campus which soon became his home. Olami has given him priceless opportunities to make friends, learn about Judaism and travel the world. He is a passionate and hard working Senior and ready to take on the world. Outside of Olami he is an Information Technology and Informatics major with a minor in Economics. He loves animals, nature and hanging with his friends. He is very excited for what the new school year has to bring!

Jacob Bechette


Jacob Beckette is a junior at Rutgers, but originally from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Jacob’s major is Exercise Science with a minor in Business Administration. Some of his interests include exercising, reading, and hanging out with friends. As an Olami Ambassador, Jacob looking forward to being exposed to more Jewish culture and helping others to foster their own love and understanding of Judaism.

Jacqueline Gelman


Jaqueline Gelman is a Junior in the Honors College at Rutgers University majoring in Mathematics with an Actuarial Specialization and Computer Science. Outside of school she enjoys running, playing tennis, discovering new music, and cooking. She started his work with Olami through her involvement in Rutgers Jewish Xperience (RJX). Last year she began working as an Olami Campus Ambassador for RJX. Her experience as an ambassador was extremely rewarding as it allowed her to connect with many Jewish students on campus that all had different backgrounds and interests. This year she is the president of RJX and will continue her work as an Olami Campus Ambassador. In addition to meeting new Jewish students she hopes to take the lessons she learned from the Olami Impact Accelerator toward improving and growing RJX. On top of her work with RJX and Olami she will continue applying and developing her leadership skills through teaching a transition course for First Year International Students

Jaime Katz


Jamie is a senior Elementary Education major at the University of Maryland. When she is not living in College Park, she resides in Pikesville, MD. At the University of Maryland she is involved in the Children's Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement and MEOR MD! She has been an active member with MEOR for all four years of college and has served on the MEOR MD board for the past 4 semesters. She has been an Olami Campus ambassador for 3 of those 4 semesters.

Jenny Zuhl


Jenny Zuhl is a junior at the University of Maryland. She is studying hearing and speech with a Russian minor. She is been part of MEOR Maryland since her freshman year and she absolutely loves it. She is very excited to keep representing this organization!

Jessica Nevis


Jessica Nevis is a Senior at Temple University from East Brunswick, New Jersey. She is a first-year in the 3+3 Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Temple University. She enjoys participating in Meor, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, and Temple's Doctor of Physical Therapy Student Association. Jessica participated in Meor's Maimonedes Leadership Fellowship in Fall 2017, went to Meor Israel in Summer 2018, Poland in Winter 2018, and plans to go to Vision in Winter 2019. She has been an Ambassador for Meor at Temple University for over a year and a Peer Mentor for other ambassadors. In her free, she likes to hit the gym, cook, and loves to travel!

Josh Snyder


Josh Snyder is an Olami Campus Ambassador at Rutgers University (located in New Brunswick, NJ). He is entering his Junior year, and is majoring in Psychology. He has been involved with Olami since the very beginning of his freshman year. Throughout the past 2 years, he has been fortunate enough to participate in several learning programs, heritage retreats, international trips, and internship programs. Outside of Olami he is involved in Rutgers Juggling Club, Rutgers Marketing and Athletics, and Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He is looking forward to another fantastic year!

Julia Cohen


Julia Cohen is from Englewood, NJ, attends Rutgers University, New Brunswick, and is a Communications major. During Julia’sfirst semester at Rutgers, she joined Maimonides and participated in two shabbatons. My second semester I was a part of Sinai Scholars and also attended another two shabbatons.

Justin Hoch


Justin Hoch is from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Justin attends the University of Maryland and is a Sociology major. Justin’s interests include hockey, golf, community service, and eating deli roll. Justin’s involvement started with Olami when he went on JInternship through the ALT learning track. Justin loved Israel and knew that he found something truly special. When Justin got back to campus in the Fall, he became involved with Meor on campus. Justin was very intrigued by the Maimonides class and continued learning throughout the year with the Rabbis. Justin went to Poland in December and knew when he came back, that he had a goal and mission as a Campus Ambassador to help others through their journeys.

Kiana Brett


Kiana Brett is the campus Ambassador to Concordia University, where she is majoring in Communications Studies. She loves photography, jewelry making and art of all kinds. She is excited to be working with Olami this year to help make an impact in the Jewish community!

Leon Adler


Leon from Cherry Hill New Jersey. He is an ambassador for Meor at Temple University. At Temple, he is a Legal Studies major in the fox school of business. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends or watching sports.

Lindy Rosen


Lindy is an Olami Campus Ambassador at the University of Pittsburgh. She is originally from Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, right next to Philadelphia. She is currently a Senior studying Psychology, American Sign Language and Dance. She got started with Olami through Aish Pittsburgh, aka Rabbi Seth and Lisa Cook. They pointed her in the right direction and through them she did Jinternship, where she worked with the Ethiopian National Project, and went on Jewel where she lived in the Old City of Jerusalem. She has been student president for Aish the past 3 years, and these programs have been a major part of her college experience and she is glad to be able to pay it forward!

Marshall Zuckerman


Marshall Zuckerman studies Classics at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. As one of the many native Montrealers on campus, he is proud to be part of a vibrant Jewish community and looks to Olami and its programs to enrich the lives of those who have already given him so much. His Jewish education, and with it an introduction to Jewish community, began early. He studied at JPPS elementary school and continued on to its sibling high school, during which he went to Jewish sleep-away camp. From there, his tertiary education in Liberal Arts and presently in Classics only served to cement his Jewish identity further, this time on an intellectual level. His interests in leadership have taken him from being a counselor at a camp specializing in robotics and basic coding language all the way up to holding a high position in a political campaign. Now is his time to bring his experience back to his roots; to aspirational Jews yearning for spiritual involvement.

Matthew Reich


Matthew Reich is currently a sophomore at Emory University where he is a Meor ambassador. He has lived in New York City since he was born. His interests include sports, cars, and history. He is planning on majoring in business and minoring in art history. Another area of leadership he engages in is being Vice President for philanthropy for his fraternity.

Mettannah Jacobson


Mettannah is originally from Edmonton, Alberta and in her third year at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec. She is double majoring in Sociology and Jewish Studies, and minoring in History. She is the President of Jewish Experience Downtown, having been involved since the Kaufmans' arrival to Montreal this past year and part of the Olami Accelerator program since January 2019. She is also the President of the Jewish Studies Students' Association within the Faculty of Arts at McGill. Mettannah is passionate about growing and strengthening the Jewish community, hoping to help more Jews find their way home.

Nolan Stein


Nolan is an Olami Ambassador for Meor at Temple University. He is a senior majoring in biology and taking on a minor in chemistry. He became involved with Meor his sophomore year through the Maimonides fellowship and now lives a kosher lifestyle in a shabbos apartment with fellow ambassador Aviv Reif.

Rivka Magier


Rivka Magier is from Rockville, MD. She is an ambassador at the University of Maryland. She is a psychology and family science double major. She has been involved with MEOR on campus since she transferred during her sophomore year and has been on the board for over a year. She is also a leadership member at Horizon Day Camp in Baltimore for children with cancer and their siblings.

Rori Spielman


Rori Spielman is a sophomore from Long Island, New York. She is a Campus Ambassador for Meor at Emory University. She is studying nursing at Emory and plans to start in the Nursing School next Fall. She really likes hanging out with her friends and working out. She also enjoys planning events which is why she is serving as her sorority’s Director of Social Events where she will plan various sisterhood and social events for the chapter throughout the school year. Last semester she was involved in the Maimonides program through Meor on campus and she looks forward to being a part of the Ambassador program this year as well as getting more involved with Olami.

Shaun Sederoff


Shaun Sederoff is from Montreal and ambassador to Concordia University. His major is Classics and his interests are history, philosophy and art. This is his first experience with Olami. He has been an exec in Hillel and the Classics student association.

Stephanie Sudit


Stephanie Sudit is a campus Ambassador at the University of Maryland. She is a Government and Politics Major with a concentration in International Relations and a Minor in Russian. She has been part of MEOR since her freshman year and joined the board in her junior year. She was on her sororitie's executive board as VP of Membership Development and is passionate about getting new people involved in amazing organizations.

Brianna Rauchman


Brianna Rauchman is a sophomore studying English at UC Berkeley. She is from Calabasas, CA. Brianna participated in Meor’s Maimonides Leadership Fellowship and is an Olami Impact Accelerator. This is her second year being part of Meor, and she is excited to continue learning and expanding the community. Outside of school and Olami, she enjoys painting and writing.

Aubrey Davis


Aubrey Davis is a Junior at the University of Arizona. She is double majoring in Classics and Anthropology with minors in Judaic Studies and Ancient Greek. She is a former summer camp counselor, who now works for the University of Arizona Office of Admissions as a telecounselor, and is the president of Jewish Arizonans on Campus, or JAC. Aubrey participated in the Maimonides Fellowship Fall 2017, M2 Spring 2018, went to Poland in Winter 2018, participated in JAC jInternship Summer 2019 at an archaeological dig, and is planning on attending Meor Vision 2.0 this Winter 2019. This will be her third year active in JAC. She enjoys spending time with friends, family, dogs, and the JAC community. Aubrey is looking forward to developing her leadership skills and utilizing them on campus.

Brian Paul


Brian Paul is a sophomore at University of Maryland in the process of switching majors to business. Brian loves basketball and is a big Philadelphia sports fan. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, drawing, and exercising.

Eli Petrovich


Eli Petrovich is originally from Cambridge, England but current study in Tucson, Arizona. He is a Junior at the Univeristy of Arizona studying Sustainable Architecture, History, and Spanish with an emphasis in Portuguese. Growing up a military brat, he didn’t have any Jewish community, so Jewish Arizonians on Campus (his local Olami organization) helped him to get more involved and grow in his Judaism.

Rachel Lelah


Rachel Lelah was born in Singapore and grew up in Los Angeles, CA and now lives in New York City. Rachel attended Yeshiva University and received her B.S. in business management from the Sy Syms school of Business. She now works at American friends of Tel Aviv University.

Gabby Aizic


Gabby Aizic is 22 and graduating this fall with a major in Business Management and Psychology. Gabby became involved with Olami a year ago from today and could not imagine how amazing the journey has been thus far, and still going. Gabby was raised with a strong Jewish identity and I am proud to keep growing with it and connecting others, the older she gets.

Sara Marcus


Sara Marcus is in her third year at Montclair State University and her second year as a Montclair State Jewish Experience ambassador! She is from Brooklyn, New York and is currently studying her dream profession; Music Therapy. Her extracurriculars include Montclair state Jewish Experience and Sigma Alpha Iota, one of the only all female music fraternities. Sara participated in MJX’s Leadership Fellowship program in the Fall and Spring of 2018-2019, and in the leadership forum in Spain this past May. In her free time you can find her playing the bassoon, going to concerts and traveling.

David Abayev


A recent graduate from Rutgers University, David Abayev continues to be an active leader at Olami. David currently serves as an ambassador for Mesorah NJ, a young Jewish professionals organization in New Jersey. While at Rutgers, David served as a Campus Ambassador and President for Rutgers Jewish eXperience (RJX) and helped bring in over 200 Jewish students on campus to various programming. In his free time, David enjoys playing soccer, traveling, and being surrounded by family and friends. David hopes to take the leadership and interpersonal skills learned while at Olami, and apply them to his career aspirations of becoming a dentist.

Matt Berner


Matt Berner is originally from Milltown, NJ and currently lives in Highland Park, NJ. Matt graduated from Rutgers University in 2014 and currently a Young Professional of Mesorah, NJ. Matt works for Sky Blue, a women’s soccer team, in Customer Relations. Matt’s job is to meet customers and sell season ticket packages to groups and corporations. Matt graduated Rutgers 2014, currently a YP of Mesorah NJ. Outside of work and Mesorah, Matt’s interests are soccer and sports.


Plug into Olami’s global network of 320+ organizations

Participate in regional conventions

Receive top and exclusive leadership training

Advance and navigate career options

Meet VIP business and political leaders

Potentially earn a significant salary


  • Two semesters of student engagement starting in September*
  • Attend a two-day leadership training program
  • Jewish leadership training once a week locally for 45 minutes
  • Jewish leadership training once a month online with all ambassadors for 1 hour. There will be 1 other trip and opportunity to attend the Olami Summit
  • Being part of a national team of ambassadors

* There is flexibility in how the hours/goals are achieved so it can work around class/study schedules