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Our place is your space to connect with other Jewish students, have a good home-cooked Shabbat dinner or simply grab a coffee (and a meaningful conversation).

Our programs

Olami JHealth
Olami’s Pre-Health society is for aspiring Jewish healthcare professionals. We help Jewish undergraduate college students across all health fields access amazing career-building opportunities and ethical guidance so you can stand out in the health and medical field.
Olami JBiz
Olami’s business network for aspiring Jewish business students who want to get a head start and build their professional network. Join a global community of young Jewish professionals, mentors, and Industry leaders navigating their career and life with Jewish values.
Olami JTech
You don’t have to wander around campus looking for direction anymore. Now, JTech’s base of fellow tech undergraduates is here to offer you everything you need to navigate your way to your future success. One-on-one and group mentoring, internship opportunities and professional career development and guidance, rooted in Jewish values will give you the head start you need, not only in your career, but in your life, and your experience on campus as well.
Olami Seriously souled
What’s the secret to self-love? How can each day become meaningful? Why are love relationships so complicated? How can I make the changes I want for my life? Join Seriously Souled – for women who take their soul seriously.
Olami Shteig
Like a lot of Yiddish words, shteig doesn’t quite have a translation. It means to rise through learning, like you’ve never experienced before. To shteig is to grapple with and challenge what you’re learning with a partner. To discuss it and debate it. To go back and forth with someone who perhaps thinks differently. Together. It’s that friction that ignites something deep inside. So when you really engage in this amazing style of learning, something happens to you. You grow.
Olami Yeshiva

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So much noise.
So little music.

Sure, we’ve got it all at our fingertips: the news, the trends and the gurus, the infographics and masterminds, all a click away.

What about the questions, the conversations, the exploration, adventure and authentic connections that lead us to what we actually want?

Inspiration Zone

Creating your dreamworld

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7 ways to quiet your mind so you can hear your soul

Are you like me? Looking for answers, for direction, for what will give you meaning, success and happiness in your life? Do you turn

East meets West

Why you’ll never get anywhere by only being in the present  They say life is a journey, not a destination. But maybe, it’s both?

What are you in service to?

By Jackie Glaser, Olami Connect Director We are in the Jewish month of Nissan! This is a month characterized by spiritual power and opportunity.

The kabbalah of your personality

Reaching high while staying grounded Extract from “The Four Elements Of Your Personality”, a 4-part Seriously Souled class by Rabbi Aron Krongold. Click here

7 ways the algorithm of Torah will enrich your life – by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, OBM

In 2017 Rabbi Jonathan Sacks addressed hundreds of Jewish students at the Olami Summit. He gave an epic speech to help prepare them for