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Does life have to always be so confusing?
We spend so much time looking for answers, clarity and meaning. We think a job, a life situation, how we look is going to make us happy, but it’s just not working. No one has the answers, no one can make me happy… except me.
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Olami Connect is designed for Jewish college students and young professionals aged 18-35, whether you have been meditating for years or this is your first step into the meditation world.

Jackie Glaser

Meet your soul coach

Hi, I’m Jackie Glaser.

Meditation was something I started as part of a personal growth course 19 years ago. It anchored, connected and developed me – creating profound transformation by allowing a space for change to occur within. It is this gift that I am passionate to share with others through Olami Connect.

Jackie had a private practice as a psychologist in Sydney Australia and worked as the resident “Psych” on the Today Show. She also consulted for the police, media personalities and other non-profit organizations. Jackie is  now the Director of Leadership Development of Olami, Director of Souled – A Jewish women’s empowerment program, and the Founder of Olami Connect.



  • Relieve stress
  • Achieve more focus
  • Feel inner peace
  • Experience more connection
  • Have more presence



7 meditation videos

Get daily Jewish meditation and mindfulness videos. Each one is under 20 minutes so you can easily fit them into your day.


Get a beautiful meditation journal to help you keep track of your daily meditation routine and progress

DAily mindfulness exercises

Follow the Olami Connect daily exercise routine and put the meditation sessions into action

Online community

Join an exclusive online closed community where you can share thoughts, growth, questions and ideas with fellow Olami Connect participants from around the world

What if 2021 was peaceful, calm and happy?

In JUST 20 MINutes a day.

What if the rat race of life no longer fazed you?

Gain a richer, deeper understanding of happiness and how to achieve it

have more questions?

What is Olami Connect?

Olami Connect is a Jewish mindfulness and meditation community. Our introductory course is made of two 1-week series, Happiness and Clarity, that will help you gain clarity, calm and connection. After completing the introductory course, participants will have the opportunity to continue their meditation journey by joining our SoulBoost Membership to connect more deeply.

Is Olami Connect for me?

Olami Connect is designed for Jewish college students and young professionals aged 18-35 of any background, whether you have been meditating for years or this is your first step into the meditation world.

How is Olami Connect delivered?

Olami Connect Happiness and Clarity are each a 1-week course to introduce you to meditation. You will get daily meditation videos, mindfulness exercises and inspirational quotes sent directly to your email. On top of that, you will receive an online journal and access to an online FB community as well. All of this in your own time, from the comfort of your home.

How much time should I spend on it each day?

Each daily video is 15-30 minutes and like any other self-help course, the more time you practice your newly learned meditation skills, the more you will get out of the series.  

What if I can't make the start date or miss a day?

The program will have a start date and an end date. If you can’t make the start date, you will have access to all the content you have missed in your personal dashboard. You will be able to catch up on your own schedule.

What is Olami Connect SoulBoost?

After completing Happiness and Clarity series, you can join our SoulBoost Membership for a deeper dive into Jewish meditation and mindfulness. The membership includes live coaching sessions and on-demand access to a whole library of inspiring videos and podcasts. The Membership offers:

  • Daily motivational exercises
  • Weekly Zoom and Facebook access to Jackie
  • Intimate WhatsApp support network
  • Weekly newsletter with extra tips and advice
  • Facebook community
  • Optional personal private coaching sessions for an additional discounted fee
  • Priority acceptance onto a meditation retreat (Corona permitting)
  • Access Jackie’s meditation podcasts