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There are so many ways to ‘do’ life. 

But what approach leads to balance, success, fulfilment and happiness? How do you actualise and push yourself, how do you develop strengths you never knew you had, and avoid the pitfalls of empty materialism?

We asked some of our best and brightest minds for their secret formulas. 

meet your speakers

Michael Borkow

television comedy writer/producer

Michael Borkow is a television comedy writer/producer whose credits include “Friends,” “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Roseanne.”  Michael grew up in New York and graduated from Harvard College and the Columbia University School of Law before making his way to Hollywood. Later, he took a two-year sabbatical from TV to study at Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah in Jerusalem. Michael and his wife, Shelli, are grateful to be the parents of three young boys.

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Saul Blinkoff

Hollywood filmmaker

Saul Blinkoff is a Hollywood filmmaker who has worked for many high profile clients including; THE WALT DISNEY STUDIOS, NETFLIX and AMAZON. He started his animation career on the DISNEY films Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Tarzan. Currently, Saul is a Supervising Producer at DREAMWORKS on the new hit show MADAGASCAR: A LITTLE WILD, and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four children. Saul also hosts the high energy, motivating, podcast, ‘LIFE of AWESOME!’ that is not only jam packed with practical tools for success, but also has a depth of finding meaning and fulfillment in all aspects of life!

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Amy Holtz

Co-Founder of Jewish Future PLedge

Amy owned, operated, and transformed a local party store chain into Party City’s largest franchise, generating more than $75 million in sales annually. Amy then catapulted Jerusalem U from a fledgling nonprofit into a highly successful digital and media company distributing films in 26 countries, partnering with over 1,200 organizations, and building 10 months of working capital. Amy launched and developed Mosaic United – a joint venture between the Government of Israel and Diaspora Jewry, including negotiating a deal that infused $66 million into Jewish education on college campuses. Amy is the Co-founder of Jewish Future Pledge – a movement to secure the Jewish future by leveraging the largest wealth transfer in history.

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Michael Karlin

Founding Partner and Business Manager for High-Profile Celebrities

Michael Karlin is a founding partner of NKSFB. He is responsible for managing the business and financial affairs of many high net worth and high net income clients comprised of business executives, real estate developers and operators, and entertainment industry screenwriters, actors, musicians, composers, publishers, producers, directors and executives. 

Michael is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. 

Michael serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Motion Picture and Television Fund, as well as Westcoast Sports Associates and Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation, and serves on the Board of Advisors of the University of Southern California Leventhal School of Accounting.

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Rabbi Dov Heller

Marriage and Family Therapist

Rabbi Dov Heller is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Los Angeles working with adults and couples for the past 21 years.  He has also worked in Jewish outreach education for over 40 years as a Rabbi with Aish HaTorah. A highly regarded dating and relationship coach, Rabbi Heller works with clients internationally. He has written extensively for aish.com focusing on emotional maturity and wellbeing, dating and marriage. Rabbi Heller holds Masters degrees from Harvard University in Theological Studies and from Antioch University in Clinical Psychology. 

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Neil Schwartz

CEO, Top Real Estate Broker, Trainer, and Sales Coach

Neil is the enthusiastic and energetic CEO and Founder of Century 21 Masters. An accomplished veteran in the real estate space with 40 + years in the business and is nationally recognized as one of the country’s top real estate trainers, and sales coaches who have personally trained, coached, and mentored thousands of successful real estate professionals.

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Grow exponentially

A whole new outlook on life

Tangible insights into effective dating

Skills to live a more balanced lifestyle

Access to other networking, social, dating, and learning opportunities from Olami

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10x your

The right qualification is not what sets us up for a successful career. What sets us apart is the way we work. Don’t leave the future to chance. 10X it by developing these critical traits.  

Learn specialized skills from industry leaders like:

  • How to become the most effective communicator/listener
  • How to become a true Leader: leading by example through Accountability and Consistency
  • How to be bold, and go after what you want, not allowing fear to hold you back

10x your

Part of the energy we bring to each day is generated through our relationships. Work out what you need in a soul-mate, explore ways to build strong, healthy relationships and the networks community that can support your own growth and allow you to positively impact others. 

Learn about relationship topics such as:

  • How to find your community
  • How to prepare yourself for dating without opening Tinder, Hinge or J-Swipe

10x your

As human beings we need far more than the things money can buy. 10X your connection to yourself with more self-awareness and balance. 10X your soul by looking at your connection to spirituality and doing the right thing by others. 

Learn how to connect and:

  • How to focus on yourself without desiring what everybody else has.
  • How to maintain homeostasis when going through really busy times.
  • How to have spirituality and meaning in your life when you’re expected to become rich/successful in your career
  • How to master time management and find the right work-life balance

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3-week experience